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I only got 4 hours of sleep in the past 2 days?

ok I only work right now and usually my work starts at 5PM to 12AM.

so I can stay up as late as I want (usually till 4AM) because I dont feel like coming home from work then heading straight to bed.

but this week I had 3 morning shifts in a row that start at 11AM, so I tell myself to go to bed before 2AM so I can wake up at 10AM and head out.

but when I try to sleep I cant, its like I go into this stand-by mode where im trying to sleep but it just doesnt happen, then I notice ive been doing that for 2 hours, then it goes on for a couple more hours, then I have a dream, but then there I am awake again,

ok what the hell, if I just had a dream that means I fell asleep, if I fell asleep then why the hell wouldnt I just be knocked out from no sleep.

I thought you had to be in a deep sleep to even dream? but I had 2 dreams last night, one I had about 4 hours later, then I had the second one about 2 hours later, I only got 2 hours of sleep last night I assume because I had a dream, but does that even count as sleeping or does it count as hallucinating


when I have dont have to wake up in 8 hours I can sleep fine, when I dont then my mind just keeps racing

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    First , it is well known that whenever you work shifts lke this, you are messing up your natural body circadiun rythms, and that effects your sleep patterns.

    We go through 4 stages during sleep , that last different times, and this is repeated 6-8 times per night (8hours or so).

    After the first round of sleep the mind can go back into the second phase and one can almost seem 'awake' with the content going on in the mind, but are not.

    With your sleep distrupted like this, you are also disrupting you health and body, so you have the right to ask (if it is safe ) your employer to put you on ONE shift or the other, but that you will not be moving from shift to shift, because it is messing with your circadiun rythms, your sleep , and it will effect anyones performance after only two days of this. Most employers know this , so it would seem that they are neglegent in treating you this way and the company may be interested in how your mangager is handling things in this regard. It would make sense that they would know this, and may be counting on your ignorance not to know about it, i don't know.

    Regardless, I would speak up as politely as possible and with a good attitude, and just say you can not change shifts around anymore , and to put you on one or the other. It is messing with your health, sleep and performance. Then file a complaint with upper management, if you have to.

    If they don't listen, I would think about consulting an attorney.

    There is LOTS of research done on sleep/dreams performance, and the attorneys would know that, and the company also.

    best wishes

    You dont need medications, you need one shift, and sleep, it will straighten back out if you do this quickly. You can drink two bags of chamomile tea found everywhere, steeped in hot water, 1/2 hour before bed, should help you sleep.

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    I'd suggest you go and see a doctor about this, and get some medication to help you sleep.

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