When might you use Excel and when you might use Access? Explain the rationale behind your decision.?

When might you use Excel and when you might use Access? Explain the rationale behind your decision.

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    9 years ago
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    Excel and Access are both very similar solutions to managing data.

    With Excel you have to put the values in the correct cells, and all information is displayed on one sheet.

    This is managing data in a simple form.

    Access is a relational data base, so not only does it store the data, but also the relationships between the data. Also data can be separated into sets.

    so when storing information about a customer, you would define the information required, this would become the data set for a customer.

    A relation database also minimizes repeat information.

    For instance, in a set of data for products, you may have 10 products that are cameras, and 5 products that are microphones. In the data set for products you would want to show each product type, either a camera or a microphone. so you would have a further set of data for product types, then when adding a product type to a product the data base only stores the relationship between the product type and the product, not the data.

    Furthermore a relational database can make certain parts of data readonly so they cannot be changed by regular users, such as the product types.

    What i mean is, you would want a customer assistant to enter details about the customer, and the products they want, but not change the products or the product types.

    This adds a level of security to the data base system.

    In short, Excel is a much simpler way of managing data, and perhaps less efficient.

    Relational databases allow for advanced ways of managing and storing the data because they include the relationships that one set of data has to another.

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    9 years ago

    Since Excel is a spreadsheet and Access is a database, you use Excel when you need a spreadsheet and Access when you need a database. That's like asking when you use a hammer and when you use a saw. You *can* bang nails in with a saw, but it works a lot better using a hammer.

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