Car battery emitting rotten egg smell - what danger to us?

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My husband, whom I could call many bad names right now, was using a car battery connected to a trickle charger to power car stereo equipment in our downstairs media room. I did not more
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The smell was the battery acid boiling out from the battery being over charged. Your husband deserves every single bad name you called him. That battery could have exploded and sprayed acid everywhere or even started a fire.

As far as the dangers of breathing it in, you're probably safe now. It's certainly not healthy, but open all the windows and air out the house. You will be fine.


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Thanks so much to all who answered my question. I feel much better being told that I and my son are ok...and extremely glad that my house didn't blow up! The battery is no longer in the house. If he tries to ever hook up a new one, there will be an entirely different kind of explosion :)
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  • PMack answered 3 years ago
    Tell your rocket scientist husband that if he has equipment that needs to be powered by 12V DC, he can buy an AC to DC adapter, something like this:

    There are others if that wasn't doesn't have enough output for whatever it is he's powering.

    Using an actual battery with a trickle charger is really stupid and inefficient.

    As for how dangerous it was, don't dwell on the past, you can't change it. As long as he doesn't do it again (not that it's gone) let it go.
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  • bandit_60 answered 3 years ago
    tell him to get that damn battery out of the house. your smelling battery acid and it,s dangerous. if he wants to power something tell him to get a power pack.
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  • Toni answered 3 years ago
    How dangerous? On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say "eleven". Not the Sulfur Dioxide, which I guess is what you smell...that's just stinky. But, when a battery is recharged, it releases hydrogen gas--remember the Hindenburg? Yeah, same stuff. The hydrogen gas is combining with sulfur deposits in the battery to cause the stink, but it's the gas that can cause an explosion. Not likely, but entirely possible. If the equipment MUST be battery powered, then put the battery outdoors and run a wire in.
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