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Dwayne Johnson is OVERRATED! legit reasons. what do you think?

dwayne johnson has to be one of the most overrated wrestlers of all time. his first attempt at breaking in to the wwe as rocky maivia was an epic failure. then he ripped off a bunch of other gimmicks and came out as the rock. the rock got over using his good mic skills and charisma. his actual wrestling was terrible. all his best matches were with stone cold. and austin carried his *** through all of those matches. once he got popular, he sold out and went to hollywood. but the majority of his recent films have failed. so johnson returns to the wwe to do a small run for a large amount of money.

cena is nothing special either but at least the guy actually loves the wrestling business. he didn't ditch pro wrestling and go to hollywood once he became a huge star. its funny how people bash cena and love the rock, when they're almost the same thing. only difference being that cena actually respects the fans and the business and dwayne johnson is all about the money.

the rock's return was wasn't all that great either. kevin nash and booker t both got bigger pops at the royal rumble. screw dwayne johnson. that guy is a disgrace.


LMFAO! stupid catch phrases, is that the best you fanboys can come up with?

i'm not a fan of cena or hogan either. both of them suck too. but not as bad as dwayne johnson.

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    Jeez, maybe I should tell you to shine something up, turn it sideways, etc. and get 500 thumbs up, too.

    The Rock and John Cena are VERY similar.

    Big muscled-up guys with expressive faces.

    Both have truckloads of charisma.

    Both known for their catchphrases and mic skills.

    Neither are "wrestlers" -- punching & kicking is not wrestling.

    Both have signature moves that are laughed at (People's Elbow & Five Knuckle Shuffle).

    And both are derivatives of Hulk Hogan, the man who started that type of "superstar". I didn't say "copies" of Hogan; I said "derivatives" meaning Hogan was the prototype and Rock and Cena are cut from the cloth Hogan wove.

    The Rock and Cena are so similar that to make comparisons and say one is "better" than the other would be like picking two apples from the same tree and claiming one is "better" than the other. The Rock is funnier, that we can say for certain. But he doesn't have more or better mic skills than Cena. The Rock, as does Cena, recycles and repeats his catchphrases over and over. But Cena actually does wrestling promos, while The Rock does insult comedy routines. Both are good at what they do in promos. They are equal in charisma. A lot of people don't understand what "charisma" means. In wrestling terms, charisma means to make large amounts of people CARE about what you do or say (booing or cheering means you care about what that wrestler does). It does NOT mean to make large amounts of people like you. The Undertaker's charisma trumps them both and he doesn't even need to speak.

    Neither are very good at wrestling. Both are the generic punch & kick brawler you find all over the WWE roster. They punch and kick, do a couple of signature moves, do a finisher, then celebrate for 30 minutes as if they HAD just pulled off a 5-star Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi classic. They are cheered (or booed) for their charisma NOT for their absent "wrestling" skills.

    Cena is universally panned all over the internet as one of the worst wrestlers in the business, if not of all-time. Internet fans claim he has no mic-skills, no charisma, and they hate him. Their general opinion is "Cena sucks". If he's hated by so many people, and so many people claim he is untalented and boring, how can anybody POSSIBLY call him "overrated"? To be "overrated" people have to rate you highly, above what you SHOULD be rated. Cena is rated highly by only the most die-hard of Cena fans. Anybody who calls Cena "overrated" really doesn't understand what that word means.

    Conversely, The Rock is pretty much regarded as one of the "greatest of all-time", especially now with all the bandwagon-jumpers hoping to see The Rock take Cena's place as the face of the WWE. These people are calling The Rock "the greatest". Which makes absolutely no sense because those same people call Cena "the worst". They are the same thing, people! The Rock is funnier, and insults everybody; otherwise The Rock's and Cena's "acts" are exactly the same. Generic punch & kick brawlers with truckloads of charisma, who got over because of catchphrases, "attitude", and massive pushes from Vince McMahon. When The Rock began in the WWF as Rocky Maivia, he was a very similar character to what Cena is today, and fans hated him. "Die Rocky Die!" was a common crowd chant. "Rocky sucks!!" was another.

    If Cena is "the worst" and "sucks", then The Rock IS "overrated". Vastly "overrated". The Rock and John Cena are the same thing. You can't call one "great" and the other "the worst" with any degree of rationality.

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    Think b4 u use the word overated the rock overated lmao that's funny wtf is cena the rock overated stupid catch phrases , oh yh cuz i forget every time he is on raw he says u want soem come get some , and the champ is here .

    The Rock can wrestle if u watch some Attutide era videos u will see my friend that the rock can wrestle , not only can he wrestle , he can sell moves pretty good did u see how he sold the stone cold stunner , what about WM 18 the rock made hulk hogan look good , how are the rock and cena the same thing they are totally diffrent ,

    1 the rock can wreste cena can't

    2 the rock can cut a decent promo without fail cena can't

    3 the rock can sell moves hmmmm let me think cena can't

    4 the rock is entetaning cena is not

    The Rock never sold out when the rock's contract expried the wwe didn't offer him a new 1 becuase triple h said to vince that the wwe was far better then the rock and that the wwe didn't need the rock and vince thought the rock's movies would suck and he would come crawling back to the wwe .

    Hogan was a sell out the rock never sold out , u woudn't be watching wwe on tv today if it wasn't for the rock , he was 1 of the main figures in the attutide era , when stone cold got injured in 1999 and went out with the whole who ran over stone cold for a whole year the rock carried the wwe by his little finger with his natrual in ring abitly and his charsima the rock won overt the fans and won the ratings against wcw .

    Awwwww are u a cena fan are u jeloues that the rock got a bigger pop then the little superhero cena the rock made cena look so small on raw it was the best promo since the end of the attutide era little cena fans are jeloues of the great one .

    the rock is the people's champ , john cena is the kiddies champion the poster boy for the wwe

    end of the day cena sucks and so do the cenation KNOW YOUR ROLE AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH

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    Exactly My Point. If The WWE Did'nt Make Him A Superstar Than He Would Not Be Famous Like He Is Today. The Rock Was His Most Popular Name, And To Me I Think He Is Being "Jobbed" By Playing In All Of These Silly Kids Movies. At Least Let Him Star In A Real Popular Action Movie Or Something! But Getting Back To The Subject, The WWE Made The Rock- Not To Mention Most Of Family What They Are Today. When People Hear "The Rock" They Go Crazy. At Least The WWE Fans Do. That Was The Famous Name That Started His Career! He Will ALWAYS Be The People's Champ In My Book.

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    I was actually there when The Rock returned in Anaheim. Although it was great to see him back, the cheer for him was too overwhelming. Two weeks before his return, he confessed that he succeeded in the WWE...and without [movies] and [wrestling] he wouldn't reach his status by now. And the last time he appeared on Smackdown was only a tron so I think The Rock is just in for the money. If it wasn't for a lackluster Wrestlemania 27 (no Trips, HBK, Jericho, Shelton, Christian, retiring Edge and Rey and even ejected Batista), McMahon wouldn't pay him a higher price. I personally don't watch The Rock because he is a "former wrestler" rather his public speaking is tremendous and very useful. I actually didn't jump to joy when The Rock (I just smiled) came back because I am still waiting on his next actions. Anytime after Wrestlemania he could betray us by a kayfabe injury or he would stick to his promise. Ultimately, Chris Jericho still has the best mic skills next is The Rock.

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  • The Rock is as overrated as John Cena. Is a shame that John Cena is getting criticiza and called overrated. The Rock is overrated just like John Cena. I will compare how these two are similar

    -Both have a limited moveset

    -Both have stupid lines. You can't see me? Do you smell what The Rock is cookin?

    -So the 5 knuckle shuffle move is stupid huh? What about the people's elbow?

    -Both have great mic skills

    -Both almost never get defeated cleanly. Everytime The Rock or John Cena get defeated, they get screwed or defeated unfairly

    -Both hogged the spotlight

    -Both were the face of WWE The Rock 1999-2002 John Cena 2005-present

    The only reason I think people like him is because of his mic skills. If it wasn't for the mic skills, he would have never been a main eventer.

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    Are Cena fans really this bad? The Rock is the master of the mic, no one cuts a promo like the great one as he displayed last night. He is probably the most athletic person besides Brock Lesnar to ever step into he ring. The mans agility is frickin scary. The Rock is one of, if not, the greatest of all time. And he definitely got a louder pop than both of them. The pop was so loud you could barily here "the rock is cookin" when his song hit. All you can hear is ' If ya smellllll (followed by the loudest continuous pop in the last 6 years.

    Your main issue appears to be with his loyalty to Wrestling. Yes he left, but he had good reason. Austin left, they were beginning to filter in PG, and every time he came back from filming a movie, they would have him feud with someone different, and they had him job to someone unworthy like Goldberg. Then instead of warning him about his expiring appearance contract and negotiating a deal, they let it expire. He was pissed about that.

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    Shut up. Nobody cares, Troll.

    He gets more *** than a toilet seat and he's laughing all the way to the bank, Hater.

    He doesn't care what you think of him. He doesn't think of you at all.

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    Well a lot of people have different opinion on him. Some hate him and some like him. Now that people are picking to be in his team or Cena's I think I'm in between becasue I like both of them.

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    Over-rated, not at all.

    Excellent promo man. One of the very best in WWE history. Just look at how much better his promo was last night than anything we've seen in WWE in quite a while.

    Very good in the ring, whether it be a 60 minute Iron Man Match, an I quit match, or just having someone go "one on one with the Great One", his matches have always been worth watching. Whether it was for the IC Title, World Title, or just because some Jabroni needed his a$$ whipped, the Rock always delivered in the ring.

    He and Foley were responsible for the highest rated segment in wrestling history, drawing an 8.4 for the It's Your life skit. He and Foley also headlined the first Raw that beat Nitro in 84 weeks.

    Epic encounters: Rock/Foley: I Quit Match, Rock/Foley: Empty Building match, Rock/Austin WM15, Rock/Austin WM17, Rock/HHH: Iron Man Match Rock/HHH: Ladder match for the IC Title, Rock/HHH: 2 out of 3 falls for the IC Title, numerous Rock/Jericho, Rock/Angle, matches, and don't forget the big one, Rock/Hogan WM18.

    Diesel and Booker got bigger pops because they were in a much bigger arena. More people=bigger pop.

    Cena has yet to put on a match that is as big as the Rock's matches with Austin and Hogan at Mania. Cena has put on maybe a handful of decent matches in his career. More importantly, how can you blame a person for wanting to go make more money working less days a year? Rock earns over 10 million a film, and works maybe 2-3 months doing it. Before he was making a couple million a year working almost 200 days a year on the road.

    He did everything there is to do in the wrestling business:

    Become World Champion

    Headline the Garden

    Headline Mania

    Become on of the most popular wrestlers in WWE history

    Put over younger stars

    Was he supposed to just stay and be stale? Don't people complain about guys like Hogan, Nash, Flair, etc staying on past their prime. The Rock would never have matched the level of interest or ratings he did in the late 90s. Even coming back this year, he's in front of half the people he used to wrestle in front of on a weekly basis. In a matter of speaking, it would kind of like him going to wrestle in TNA.

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    i was actually kinda excited when the rock returned. but after reading this, i agree with most of the points being made. but that doesn't mean that he isn't a legend.

    come on guys. hogan,cena and rock are all multiple time world champions and future hall of famers.

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