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Men see me either as a great female friend or a friend with benefits, how do I project 'gf material'?

I have not had a relationship with a man for four years but have many close male friends that have known me for some years and have also engaged in male friends with benefits situations. What might I be projecting that says I wouldn't be a good girlfriend? I have stopped male friends with benefits for five months and I just have no idea, because I don't have a reputation.

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    The truth is, whether or not the guy does it himself, he does not see a girl who parties a lot as gf material. That's because when men think "nesting," they think "Mom." And, if Mom partied, Jr. either didn't see it, or, sadly, doesn't respect her.

    Also, men aren't good at projects. A woman will take a guy sleeping on his brother-in-law's couch, clean him up, and have him working on Wall Street. A man wants a gal who doesn't need someone to take care of her. (Except the control freaks, and you don't want one of those.)

    If you aren't the clubbing type and are TCB, it may just be your age. Males mature at a slightly slower rate. Wait a couple of years for them to catch up. ;)

    Source(s): I'm old, so I know some stuff.
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    Develop confidence in yourself and men will change their perception of you.

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