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If you're open with a girl about practically anything, does that mean you like her?

I'm talking about, me and this guy, we've only known eachother for 3 months. We saw eachother around for a year before this, but never talked until 3 months ago. And from that point since then, we've gotten friendlier as we go along. He was flirting with me, light at first, then heavy and sexually. Thing is, he's never seen me. (We know eachother from Y!A, I'm scared to say which section b/c he's on the top 10).

But also, I look at him as like a brother rather then somebody I'd date, due to the fact that he ALSO shared some details about his past...without me asking at all. Things like his sexual experiences with girls, things about where he works and his job, just stuff like that. But I asked him if he lives alone and he said he lives with his mom due to the fact that she's disabled and he doesn't wanna leave her...he was open to me without complaining at all whether that was too personal or not.

I recently landed a job, and he wanted to know what I did and where I worked so he could stop by and say hi. He wanted to know my real name (which I don't mention), and other stuff. Plus he showed me his pic, and I would've showed him mine but I don't have digital ones online. Anyways, I'd think that he likes me, but I'm not sure.

He's not a creep, we both acknowledged that we're both just having online fun, although recently he said that he thinks about us in a relationship when we talk to eachother sometimes. He said he's willing to make things work as best as possible if we were to meet (long story), and just hang out and see where things go, but he was also a bit hesitant and so was I...something is holding us back from actually going there, and we both agreed to just keep talking online.

Keep in mind, we talk sexual sometimes...but I think he likes me too. Of course he would (hormones), but I'm saying I feel like *feelings* are coming into play too.

If you were a guy, and you told a chick alot of information about yourself while also flirting sexually with her, would you see her as just meat or something more?


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    Have you spoken with him on the phone, or just the Internet? I would be very cautious before proceeding if I were you, even if you're potentially interested in meeting him. Don't give him any personal details like your full name, address, employer, etc., but if you want to get to know him better by phone, call him rather than vice-versa, and be sure to use *67 whenever you call to block your number from his Caller ID.

    In answer to your actual question, if I tell a woman a lot of very personal information, it's because I like her very much as a friend and I trust her, regardless of whether or not I'm also interested in her romantically or sexually. The conversation may sometimes include sexual things just to give or get opinions or advice, as sex is part of life, and when you're completely open, you talk about any aspect of life as needed. However, if I specifically go out of my way to flirt, then yes, I'm also interested in her romantically.

    However, in the case of someone who's basically a stranger who you know only over the Internet, how can you even be sure that all those details he's telling you are true? He may just be lying and pretending to open up to you, either to get you to trust him in return and give him the personal information that he wants, or to make himself come off as a great upstanding guy who sacrifices some of his freedoms and privacy to take care of his poor, ailing mother. I'm not saying that's the case and everything he says is a lie, but how can you be sure that it isn't? Bottom line is, be careful.

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    if you feel something about him, then that is a good start of your relationship of being open. just keep it up and head on the successful marriage. but remember, personally meeting and talking these things with the person is far different from just chatting online. you have a lot more to discover about him. be mature enough to think of your decision before falling into the fires of hell.

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    a little voice in your mind is telling you something that needs listening to. easy meat gets no respect he's trying it on its up to you if you want to experiment or wait for someone you are sure about. mutual experimentation can have benefits also dangers

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    Hard to tell but I don't thinl you should tell him personal info or have a relationship with him.

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    kind of both

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