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Hey, Im a senior in high school and I plan on majoring in Biology and eventually becoming a Dentist.?

However, because dental school is very competitive and I am not sure what else I could do with a degree in Biology (other than become a teacher) if Im not accepted, I have been thinking about a back-up plan that involves pursing Dental Hygiene in the meantime so that I at least have something to fall back on in case im not accepted. Don't mean to be pessimistic, but things happen. If I pursue Dental Hygiene I still intend on going back to dental school to accomplish my goal. Would this be a good plan? Or is it even possible?

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    Excellent planning. I would go straight for dental hygiene if I were you. The next step would be to finish all of the science classes you need for dental school. Skip the bio degree unless it's a bi-product of your science classes. Then you can work as you finish your prerequisites for dental school.

    I found that my classmates who had trained and worked as hygienists didn't need the same high scores the rest of us did in order to be accepted. Their work experience really made a difference in the acceptance process.

    edit: I'll warn you that you should not party a lot in college. I had a kid work for me a couple years ago because his dream was to become a dentist. He went off to college and partied like crazy and now... well he's going to become a gym teacher. That's not terrible, but look at the earning potential he gave up for the short term enjoyment of getting wasted instead of working

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    hey im a high school senior that plans to major in biology and become a dentist too!! sound like a great plan, i have been doing a lot of reseach on teh subject as well. A dental hygeine program and dental school are 2 very diffent things. if you become a dental hygenist and then become a denist, you pretty much have to start from scratch, besides the fact that you now have more experice in the field which may or may not increase your chances of getting in to dental school. I use to think the same thing but i decided that i am going to go for the gold and try to become a dentist, dont let the competion scare you, im sure if you work very hard then you have a good chance of getting it if you really want it.

    good luck!! :)

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