can type one diabetics donate plasma?

i have very good control over my type one diabetes. im looking to help my community and donate. i went online to the company to my near by center and it said that diabetics can donate depending on the type/condition. it also said i may need to contact my doctor. i have no problem for that, im just confused on what they mean 'type' why cant they just say type ones can or an not?

i am a type one diabetic, should i be able to donate with a good A1C?

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    That's really nice that you're going to donate plasma. I've heard that it is type 2 diabetics that can't donate blood because of their weight. Call your doctor/endocrinologist and talk with him/her.

    Hope I helped! :)

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    The answer to your question used to be NO! but that was when we only had animal insulins for control!! Porcine insulin is the one they didn't want to have in the system. Because it caused some allergy problems with some people receiving the blood. But now the answer is yes, as long as you haven't been in Europe within the past 10 years! and just the visiting or living in Europe will disqualify you from donating. I did not know any of the blood services were buying blood from anyone!! I thought they had quit that! Do call the blood donation center and ask for the qualifications. You will be required to fill out a questionaire before donating any blood or plasma. Did you know you can donate on your own behalf if you know you are to have surgery within a certain period of time?

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