help with history crossword? of three principles of the Declaration of the Rights of Man defined by the Committee of Public Safty was "promt, severe, inflexible justice a social refoem, the Constitution of 1791 outlawed this form of business organization

8.diplomats from all nations gathered here to try and restore stability and order in Europe after years of revolution

9.a group of middle class intellectuals who pressed the National Assembly for more reforms. they were led by Robespeierre

10.Napoleon had his first major victory here, when he drove out British forces

12.nickname of Robepierre

14.a financial advisor to Louis XVI who was fired after he proposed taxing the First and Second Estates

15.a list of grievances by the Three Estates

22.Spain conducted this from warfare against Napoleon, ambushing the much better supplied French with lightening-quick raids of three reasons "Economic Troubles". Two words

7.considered Napoleons lasting legacy to France, these were originally set up to train officials and officers. Two words

8.thanks to the Civil Constitution, this group of people became elected, salaried officials

11.a law code that embodied Enlightenment ideals. Two words

13.this hero of the American Revolution led the National Guard, the first group to don the tricolor

17.the English Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon for the last time in this battle

19.region of France that rose up in protest AGAINST the National Assembly

20.a right guaranteed to women by the civil Constitution of the Clergy


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  • J. J..
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    9 years ago
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    5. Terror

    8. Congress of Vienna

    9. Jacobin Club

    10. Toulon

    12. The Incorruptible

    14. Jacques Necker or Charles Calonne ?

    15. Cahier(s) de doleances

    22. Guerilla war

    8. Clergy

    13. Marquis de Lafayette

    17. Waterloo

    19. Gironde

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  • Carol
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    4 years ago

    According to your clues and placement of letters, I would like to confirm that Thisnthat is right on the last two answers. 2 is an apprentice, unpaid employee learning a trade and 3 is a journeyman, a paid apprentice.

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