why did extending Roman citizenship to conquered peoples help rome expand its empire?

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    9 years ago
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    Having the Roman citizenship was very important. You were protected by Roman law, entitled to a fair trial and you could appeal to the emperor. Business wise, you had much better legal protection and better conditions for business in general.

    The Romans didn't give the citizenship to just anybody. Normally the most important people of a conquered nation/tribe were offered the citizenship. Others could get it by serving 25 years in the auxiliary.

    The citizenship was an important reason why the Roman empire lasted that long. Unlike other states, the Romans made it possible for subject people to become citizen. It was sought after by everybody not having it. In order to become citizen you had to behave like a Roman.

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  • Randal
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    9 years ago

    It made them feel part of the "Insiders" and therefore they felt a need to protect this citizenship from "Outsiders".

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