Ideas for tattoos like this one (pic)?

I absolutly love this tattoo:

I just love the simplicity, the fact the wings follow the hip bones, and the overall almost L-shape of the animal :)

It would be inappropriate for me to get this exact tattoo - cause it has no meaning to me - so does anyone have an idea of what I could get. That roughly fits that shape and its simplicity :) ?

(I do like the idea of some type of bird .. I was considering 2 paper peace cranes - in the same place - as these have more of a meaning to me. But they are not really the right shape? What do you think of the peace cranes also?)

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  • 9 years ago
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    I love it as well! Just not the pterodactyl part but I know what you mean. I wouldn't do paper cranes though, it wouldn't work. However a crane probably would, they have quite a long wingspan..and you could do it a bit more abstract like this one but then of course with the right shape in order to frame the hips. Lovely idea but it is difficult. Anyways, hope that was somewhat helpful!

    edit: actually you could do a bat..but i don't know, kind of strange. Or a butterfly.

    edit edit: hehe i keep getting more ideas because i decided to draw it on myself for fun. Tree branches or a rose branch or something would also be pretty.

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