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Is this essay on 'what does it mean to be human' good?

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What does it mean to be human?

To begin with, what is a human? A descendant of an ape? Or the a creature sent to earth at the beginning of time to look after the beasts and plantation in the garden of Eden. Just think about our taxonomical name Homo Sapiens, it means a wise man and hopefully giving us that name wasn’t a mistake.

Humans, the animals with the most phenomenal brain, capable of the most abstract thoughts possessing the most amazing skill of imagination, are the masters of the animal kingdom. We are almost dominant over nature. We tame the seas, and the land and many other living things but it seems that we take it all for granted. We litter the land, pollute the air, contaminate the seas and kill many living creatures, and murder is not as much crime as simple betrayal of our kind. Being a human is not only a gift but also a great responsibility. We are here to set a good example to creatures below us, but what do we do, we completely contradict our meaning to this world by showing how easy it is to destroy nature.

‘There is no human nature…man is anything else but what he makes of himself’ Jean Paul Sartre. This quote means that a man must invent himself, for he believes that humans are not set with animal instincts and they must create them to stay in good health. He also means that life is always like an unanswered question which must eventually be answered – not by God or religion but only himself.

‘People would rather be wrong than different’ Henry Jacobsen. This quote explains a bit more to me about human nature, meaning that one never wishes to stand out in a bad way and that they rather agree with an untruth than be frowned at for having a different opinion. This plays a significant part in political development, for politicians or dictators take advantage of this and once they have been agreed with by the majority of people, others have no choice but as to also agree.

‘Most people when they come to you for advice, come to have their own opinions strengthened, not corrected.’ Josh Billings. This tells me a lot about human nature and everyone’s desire to be agreed with, which proves also that every person needs support and needs to be heard and listened to in a time of need.

Even sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds, lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds’ Shakespeare. This quote really shows how even the sweetest or most sweet-looking people could turn sour if they do bad things and when this happens, the people who are supposedly ‘weeds’ or not as beautiful looking appear to be better than those who sin.

On the other hand, the human world posses much more threat than any other kingdom for humans also posses the knowledge – the one which was given to our race by temptation- the knowledge of good and evil which is not present in any other animals it seems, because even the most vicious predators kill the weaker animals only in order to complete their life processes, whereas some humans have everything that they need yet greed or hatred or prejudice provokes them to commit some of the most revolting deeds in history, yet there is still hope for the mankind, for our creator has also provided us with one of the most powerful monitors of all, he has provided us with a conscience. Of course, some people are too rotten to take notice of conscience eating them alive but it’s the only thing that is able to keep this world reasonably in line.

Going back to the question first asked: what does it mean to be a human? I think that even to be called a human is a great compliment because to only be considered potentially human, one must act like one. In other words, not every person can be called a human because the title of a human is so much more than someone being born of a woman, and if they were given that opportunity to become a wise or reasonable man, they should use it well.

Could someone please comment on this and tell me what you think

Thank you

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    Humans did NOT descend from apes!!!!!!

    (Not the modern day apes, but ape-like creatures)

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    expensive Lover of understanding. I genuinely have a query for you: are we people having a non secular adventure, or non secular beings having a human adventure? i'm a non secular being, 24-7 who stories humanity on a daily basis. Humanity is the real reason for war with the aid of inherent weaknesses at the same time with unforgiveness and poor self-recognition. once I met Jesus who listened to me cry out to be attentive to Him, i might desire to then settle for some very demanding-ball issues approximately existence. And, i can settle for them joyfully, understanding the only that hung each and each action picture star interior the sky and gave each physique a recognition cares plenty extra for me than for any and all of them. that provides me inner peace. This peace then can radiate out during the community the place I stay. If all people has this type of adventure, then wars will quit and so will plenty extra of existence's risks. desire you want to be attentive to Him too. His arm isn't shortened that it won't be able to attain out and shop're actually not likely to lose it in case you seem unto Him: the author and Finisher of our lives.

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