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Fantasy; gateway/portal to other worlds?

I am writing a story and have come up with a waterfall being a gateway to the immortal world. It is protected by water elementals and only water elementals can pass through it. However I can not think of a way the waterfall is protected and how it can be weakened so other 'bad' immortal beings can pass through it. Any ideas would be great thank you xxx

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    Elemental forcefield of some sort comes to mind.

    Or maybe there's some magic that kills any non-elementals who try to pass through.

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    Maybe it's the water itself that magically protects the gateway? If the water was blocked, then maybe the power of the water elementals becomes weakened and no longer guards against evil.

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    Could the waterfall 'freeze' when bad immortal beings are around, or even become invisible and behind it just looks like rock?

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    Wellllll... The water from the water fall can burn anything other than water elementals that pass through it. It can be weakened by it's counterpart fire.

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    forcefields, disguised in the real world as something quie mundane n unmysterious; the front of a church, near teh altar?

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