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Do you think there a lot of innocent people rotting in jail?

For example, my good friend maybe about 4-5 years ago got arrested while he walking home really late at night. When he got picked up he had no idea why he was being arrested and the arresting officers weren't very clear to why they were putting him in the police car. Low and behold the gas station he had walked passed had gotten robbed at some point during the night (I am guessing within the hour of him walking by it). So as he is in the police car the officers told him what happened and that they are bringing him to the gas station to be identified. So he started to think "ok well ill get this settled once the person behind the counter says it wasn't me". Turns out the woman who was working there identifies him as the robber (this was at gun point, very serious crime) and he is taken away into custody. Please note that they did not find a weapon or any money on his person so they just took the womans word for it and brought him to jail. So low and behold there were cameras inside the gas station and he realized that. So he kept asking the police and his public defender why don't they look at the cameras in the gas station because that will prove his innocence. He ends up having to write his PD 5 letters until she responded, and it was only until he threatened her to report her to the BARR association that she finally answered him. Long story short he goes to court 6 months later (didn't have enough money for bail or bond) and they finally took a look at the cameras and release him that same day. The funniest part about this whole situation was that the DA tried to get him take a plea of 2 years probation even though they knew he was innocent because of the video tapes. So he flat out refused the plea because he knew he didn't commit the robbery So my question is, do you think there are more stories like this out there and innocent people are sitting in jail waiting for the truth to come out? And why would the DA try to stick him with that plea bargain knowing he was innocent?

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    Yes, there are some who are innocent.

    The justice system is not perfect, it is human.

    Some police and lawyers operate more by suspicion or opinion than fact.

    D.A.'s often want to get a conviction more than discover the real truth.

    At various times in life I have thought there ought to be a 3rd lawyer in courts who is tasked not with the defense or the prosecution, but with uncovering the true facts. An Advocate for the Truth.

    But I am not a lawyer, nor a criminal.

    I am a person who does not like to see innocent punished for guilty, a real concern, and think more so in my case than for the average person.

    I am more scientist and like to judge things based on facts.

    Three times summoned for jury service and both lawyers turned me down flatly. You know why? Because each one is looking for jurors who could be convinced to go his way. They are not looking for scientific nerd who goes by facts.

    But I value "innocent until proven guilty"

    As for the 5th, I think the Founding Fathers did not want it made possible to coerce a person into incriminating himself. Because police in many countries do use force to extract confession. Even if you are innocent, once that has been done, the victim of it is usually a goner. Iran still does this diligently. They also use it to convict anyone the 'political' leaders do not like.

    If self-incrimination were allowed, yes, some guilty would be punished. But police would likely go hog wild over time and more and more innocent would be convicted. But in the USA, so far, 5th has mostly been pleaded by the guilty or criminals who have matters to hide.

    Law enforcement, police and lawyers are more diligent in some states and less so in others. Occasionally there are too many who are lazy involved. So the fairness varies from state to state, and sometimes within a state and over time depending on the people who are involved with the justice in that case.

    But the worst is not being able to admit mistakes. That has improved a little bit of late, and some innocent have been allowed to go free after many years in prison.

    Early in my long life there was little chance for the innocent to ever be released, especially 1950--1980. Talking about USA here.

    No system can be free fom error until there is feedback, evaluation of quality of outcome, study and monitoring. Scientific fact. A tiny growth of that has started in the last 30 years, but it is still done mostly by unpaid, non-profit and conscientious groups.

    Most prisoners ARE guilty. I would discount much that they do or say when incriminating others, especially where they receive favorable consideration for shorter sentences.

    Plea bargaining is often used by the lazy or to conserve funds for investigating more thoroughly. Of all the things lawyers do, I detest plea bargaining the most.

    I do not know whether that is because I am scientist or Christian.

    The justice system is very good and fair (in the USA) overall. But it is definitely NOT perfect. And some terrible miscarriages of justice do occur from time rto time.

    Also the guilty going free in additions to the innocent being imprisoned.

    In one way I am liberal to conservative views. I do not think anyone should be totally FORGOTTEN. Not even guilty prisoners. What I mean by that is that we all should know what the prison conditions are, and check them out periodically. No sadists or sex maniacs involved with correctional personnel duties. No drugs. No unnecessary and gratuitous cruel procedures.

    I would have at least three types of prisons too. Some criminals are not too bad, but some are quite awful and dangerous. The worst lifers and meanest types need separate places. A mild criminal should not have life at risk by being confined with them in same facility.

    So I do approve of milder prison for non-violent types of criminals.

    I saw one case where the innocent man imprisoned looked almost exactly like the true rapist who was caught later. But the innocent man was ID'd totally by the victims who had to apologize to him after years of incarceration.

    But I do not claim to have all the best ideas on this. However, I do claim to be able to judge who might be eligible for parole MUCH MUCH MUCH better than virtually all who are serving in that capacity. Especially with serious cases.

    BTW, that is another place where mistakes are made....

    Source(s): If the lawyer who had the biggest ego or the least ego about winning his case ends up losing -- is that justice being served? Would not justice be served best by discovering the truth? Rather than persuading jurors who have trouble making good judgments of fact.
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    Absolutely. Not a year goes by that I don't see some news program on TV showing some poor guy that spend many many years in jail, only to finally be released because some sort of DNA evidence or something else proved he was not guilty of the crime.

    Makes you wonder if we should really have any criminal courts and prisons at all.

    None of the other species on the planet have or require those things and go on just fine without them.

    But they also don't have laws that prevent victims from getting their own justice, and protecting criminals from the victims.

    If one animal tries to steal from another, the other animal can harm or kill that other animal. Thus keeps the natural order.

    When a human commits a crime against another human, the law prevents the victim from doing anything about it. If the human harms or kills the person, then it is the victim who goes to prison.

    Human society is not very logical or just.

    Thus why we have so many innocent people locked up in prisons and mental institutions.

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    I think it's probable.

    I even think there are probably a few unfortunate souls who don't even hold a grudge against the justice system for it, and are quite happy to accept the injustice that has been enforced on them out of a sense of martyrdom for the greater good of society.

    Just because the system ***** up doesn't mean you have to hate it.

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    Of course there aren't! How could they rot when they have better health care than most free and law abiding Americans?

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    A lot? No. There are some. Just like there are some guilty people walking the streets.

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    Do you think there are more stories like this out there?

    Absolutely, unlike yours, some are true

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    Of course there are. No system is perfect.

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    extortion... money

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