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Does parathormone increase or decrease calcium levels in the blood?

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That one I remember, it increases calcium levels. One of the first patients I had as a student was a woman who was experiencing severe carpal spasms after thyroidectomy. Seem like the surgeon also removed most of the parathyroids at the same time. A common complication back in those days.

On my board exams in 4+ decades ago it seemed like every third question was on whether calcium or phosphorus levels rose or fell with certain diseases. I must have had a lucky coin to flip that day. A modicum of knowledge of physiology helped, too.
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  • Troy answered 4 years ago
    and that is why pharmacists don't practice medicine. Parathyroid hormone increases calcium levels in the blood. It is actually the first thing you check when someone has a high calcium. It stimlates osteoclasts to resorb calcium from the bone and also stimulates the kidneys to reabsorb more and as well as ativate vitamin D to increase intestinal absorption.


    I'm a physician.
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  • raz_nat2 answered 4 years ago
    PTH increases calcium in the blood by increasing osteoclast activity (bone breakdown), reabsorption of calcium in the kidneys, and via the intestine where it increases vitamin D production (vitamin D causes increase absorption of calcium via calbindin).
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  • Mm Gg answered 4 years ago
    I dont think they are connected


    14 years pharmasist
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  • Does parathormone increase or decrease calcium levels in the blood?
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