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HDMI Audio interrupted by static even with default settings set to HDMI?

When I play media through my Belkin HDMI cable, audio/video comes through fine, but on some occasions the audio is frequently interrupted with loud static (even with the audio settings set to default HDMI). What do I do?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Hi Trenton.....I have never encountered a loud static sound....but, i have encountered a static effect on the picture and that has nothing to do with audio settings or your belkin hdmi cable....What the problem is and what i have encountered in the past is the actual hdmi output from any device whether it be the blu ray player,the tv or the receiver.....The whole problem has stemmed from the rocket scientists who invented/developed these hdmi cables....They are too heavy for the hdmi output terminals....Example...If you have you receiver on a high cabinet etc,the longer the cable drops in it's length,the more weight pressure is put on the hdmi output....What the rocket scientists should of came up with is the simple RS- 232 C adaption like on computers and receivers using the two bolts to lock securely in place...Thus eliminating this problem...So, the only cure is to first locate which hdmi output connector is at fault and have it replaced by a technician..........If for some reason you cannot locate the fault via a component source... It also could also be the tv causing this static and last but not least... Do not! have any lighting refridgerators etc operating/connected from the same power source as you have your tv and other components.....Cheers!

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