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my sister and benefit fraud?

hi all advice greatly accepted, my sister is claiming that she lives alone but her partner is back with her again. she has 3 children and is still claiming to live alone. I know this is wrong and have tried to talk to her about it she get in excess of £300 per week in benefits, from her housing benefit, tax credits and lone parent as she works 16 hrs per week. I just know that someone will report her and am worried sick. Her partner has still kept his rented accommodation in town but stays and lives with her as the marriage is back on again and the kids are very happy. do the fraud team investigate every case if reported and how long does it take, they have been together since November which makes a fraudlent claim for her in excess of £4000 to date. I have told her this is really serious and if caught she may have a record and not be able to keep her govt job as it will show up on CRB check. Please help me get this across to her all advice appreciated.

though her husband has a separate house because of the two year split he is never in it, so it looks to the public he has given it up and is living legit with her again. I am beside myself to what will happen to her, any body know?


folks if she stops now and reports change in circumstances will they let it go and not prosecute, and does anyone know the timescale involved for investigating please . we live in Northern Ireland

Update 2:

just to clarify i have no intention of reporting her i am scared for her, though wonder if he still has his own property/address separate from her will they investigate?


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    My sister did the same thing but got away with it for 8 years, she was reported investigated secretly for a year, went to crown court and owed 42grand. The only readon she wasn't jailed was because of her son but she has to pay back every penny.

    You're lovely to worry so much, but this is her problem. Tell her she's likely to be caught and you worry, w shouldn't have to pay for her because she's lying!

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    If she has a partner who is working over 16 hours a week she is not entitled to Income Support. Doesn't matter whether he "gives her money" for busfares or not. Doesn't matter if they are married or not. If he is her partner, they live together and he's working in excess of 16 hours a week she cannot get Income Support so if she's getting that she's committing fraud. If she has paid enough National Insurance Contributions she may be allowed to get Contributions-based Jobseekers Allowance or Incapacity Benefit regardless of what her partner earns but she would have had to be working for a certain amount of time and paying enough National Insurance contribs. If her partner earns £40,000 they would not get Working Tax Credit, I'm not sure about Child Tax Credit, but I doubt she'd be entitled to this either. Everyone gets Child Benefit (£18 per week for the first child, £12 for subsequent kids) so thats OK. If she's getting Income Support or Tax Credits though she is committing fraud. People like that make me sick. My partner (we're not married either) is only on minimum wage, he earns around £12,000 a year and I'm at home with our baby son. Because he is working over 16 hours a week (even though he only earns £5.50 per hour) I get no benefits at all other than a small amount of tax credits and my child benefit. We live below the poverty line because we are honest. I could pretend to be a single mum and scam plenty from the DSS but I have a conscience and it makes me sick the way some people lie and milk the system. They deserve to be found out and get into trouble. They are just thieves.

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    In Ireland you say!??? WOW!! Got a job and claiming benefits from the government too! That's to start with! OK! is this guy just a partner or a husband? Father of the kids etc etc? Why isn't the government going after HIM for child support? Or don't you guys do that in Ireland?? He must be making money if he still has his own place per se, They must be as lazy about checking up on these people as they are here in the USA!! No Wonder both countries are facing bankruptcy!!

    Why don't you let the chips fall where they may, instead of you alienating yourself from your sister? She isn't going to appreciate you blowing the whistle on her!

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    You can be sure the matter will be investigated if it comes to attention. It matters not if the partner still has his own accommodation, if they establish he is living with your sister undeclared there is going to be serious trouble. Sometimes they will carry out undercover observation to see what happens at the address, and this can take place over a long period.

    At that level of fraud she is almost certain to be prosecuted.

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    She would have to pay the money back.The sad thing is he would not have to repay anything.It is hard to tell people this is wrong when MP,s are cheating the system.Your sister would probably find she would be no worse off if she came clean.

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    I would't worry so much if I were u. they don't investigate like u think. someone would have to report her.if that happened, since her husband still has his house, she can say that's where he lives. ther is no way to prove other wise. people are worried with thier own problems, not ur sisters benifits, enless of course she has alot of enimies. first offenders just lose benifits for a yr i think and gotta pay back, if your sister works for the gov she probably knows what she's doin. :)

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    I sincerely hope someone shops her really quick because it's my taxes she's stealing. If she carries on she deserves to go to jail.

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