How do i make Palau ????


No! It's an Afghan food with rice and vegetables.

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    Recipe of Chicken Palau.

    Ingredient Name Unit Quantity

    Baby spinach cup 4

    Bay leaves big 4

    Chicken(Small pieces) pounds 2-4

    Cinnammon piece 2inch

    Cloves clove 10

    Coriander leaves(Garnishing) cup 1/4

    Dhania tsp 2-4

    Dry coconut tsp 4

    Garlic clove 6-8

    Ginger piece 1inch

    Green Chillies(according to taste) piece 12

    Methi leaves cup 2

    Oil tbsp 6-8

    Onions(chopped) large 2

    Rice cup 4

    Salt(according to taste) tbsp 2

    Star anise big 2

    Tomatoes small 4

    Water cup 8

    Directions | How to make Chicken Palau.

    In a small pan add few drops of oil and slightly fry dhania,cinnammon,cloves,green chillies,ginger,garlic.Let it cool for a while and blend it in a blender using little water. In a large pan or vessel add oil..heeat for a while and add bay leaves,star anise.Then add onions fry till transparent..then add greens(spinach,methi).After they wilt add chicken pieces and salt and fry till water oozes out of chicken.Add tomatoes and ground masala and cook them well.Add sufficient water to this mixture and cover with a lid.When the water starts boiling add rice,coconut powder and coriander.Simmer after few minutes and cook in low flame.

    Serving Ideas

    Serve with raita and lemon

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    prepare and boil the long grain rice with clarified butter and mix dry fruits in it.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    ho hawaiian.... are u talking about Palu (fish chum)

    i mix canned mackeral in tomato sauce with white bread.

    smash it all up with your hands and throw it out in the ocean....

    it is totaly Ritchous for fishing

    trust me im hawaiian and live and fish in hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): pERSONAL eXPERIENCE
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