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Is Robert P. McCulloch really tough on crime?

Robert P. McCulloch is the prosecutor in St. Louis County, Missouri. He says he has no evidence to charge August Busch IV with a crime in the apparent overdose death of his girlfriend in the Busch mansion. Or maybe that is just one of the Busch mansions.

McCulloch has an image of being tough on crime. I remember when Ellen Reasonover was released from prison for a crime she did not commit. I believe she was in prison for 16 years for a crime she did not commit. One wonders if the color of her skin and lack of financial means may have played a role in her wrongful conviction. While McCulloch was kind enough not to refile charges against Reasonover after she was released, he did tell the press that he still believed she was involved with the crime she was wrongfully convicted of.

The prosecutor who wrongfully charged Reasonover was Buzz Westfall. A few years ago Westfall died in the hospital because of a staff infection he caught during back surgery or something along those lines. Karma?

Anyway, it just strikes me as odd, the contrast between the cases of Mr. Busch and Ms. Reasonover.

On the one hand, McCulloch says he believes an innocent person is guilty and on the other hand he does not make any charges.

Mind you, Mr. Busch has a sorted past with the law, a past which even involved another of his girlfriends who died under questionable circumstances although i think the first dead girlfriend was a long time ago. A good lawyer might say you can't hold that history against Mr. Busch in this particular case of a dead girlfriend, the more recent dead girlfriend.

But I recall that when OJ Simpson was charged with murder there was a lot in the news about his previous history of abuse against the woman that he did probably murder.

Also, I know a guy who is in prison right now because his girlfriend was found dead in his house from a drug overdose. Of course, he is not a millionaire or billionaire as is likely the case with Mr. Busch. That would be one stark difference between the two cases. There may be other differences that are more relevant and would explain why one is in prison and the other is not. Perhaps Mr. Busch did nothing wrong. Perhaps there is no evidence that he did anything illegal as McCulloch claims. But it makes it difficult for me to believe McCulloch when he is the type of person who believes that an innocent woman is guilty.

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    Please, you only know people that are able to drown you out.

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    first of all, this united states isn't, nor has it ever been about revenge. the in uncomplicated words those who commit crimes with guns get the guns illegally in any case, so weapon guidelines in uncomplicated words influence regulation abiding electorate to avert them from conserving themselves. as far as i recognize, attack guns are already banned contained in the US, yet outlaws nonetheless have them. sure, he's hard on crime and he's imposing measures to allow former offenders to be ready to reintegrate into society with out being forced to commit yet another crime. With present day guidelines, convicted felons are plagued with poverty and homelessness, so as that they commit yet another crime to go back to an section with protect and three nutrition an afternoon. If we enable them to re-enter society at the same time as conserving it secure for regulation abiding electorate, crime will be decreased and there is no older criminals influencing the more youthful.

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