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Is my husky siberian or alaskan?

She is tall lean and white blue eyes and so cute and all the funny faces she makes . She likes the outside but she rather be inside with me and my daughters. http://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1685765616728...

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    Unless you are a musher or purchased your dog from one, I would not classify your dog as an Alaskan regardless of heritage. Alaskan is a term that is based more on function than on type or pedigree - if it has four legs, pulls a sled, and isn't a purebred something else, it is an Alaskan Husky. Conversely, it doesn't matter the breed or mix, if it doesn't pull a sled and wasn't born in a musher's kennel, I don't care the mix, it's not an Alaskan Husky. Mushers will often add Siberian Husky, various hound breeds, and Pointer to their lines in addition to all sorts of who-knows-what that pull sleds well and quickly (or steadily in the case of the endurance racer), so your dog's physical description (tall) makes me think more of the type often seen in some lines of Alaskans than in correct, stockier Siberian Huskies. I would call her a "Husky Mix" and move on with life, personally, but here are a few photos of Siberians and Alaskans so you can see the physical differences.





    Alaskans (showing great variation in type):






    Information on the "land race" of Alaskan Husky:


    Source(s): dog trainer in northern state, know working Alaskans & Siberians
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    Link doesn't work.

    Alaskan Huskies are mutts. They are mongrel dogs bred primarily from siberian huskies, but mixed with various shepherds, sighthounds, and anything else that possesses certain traits a competitive musher is looking for. They vary in size, shape, and temperament. Many don't look like huskies at all.

    The Siberian Husky is a purebred dog. Google Siberian Husky. If your dog does not closely resemble those dogs it's likely a mix. Note that being a husky mix is not necessarily what makes a dog an alaskan husky. Alaskan huskies are selectively bred with maintained pedigrees. They are bred primarily for working drive and traits that lend to a better sled dog.

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    The Siberian Husky is a breed of dog. The Alaskan Husky is a type of dog often bred for sled dog racing. Where did you get your dog, and what were you told she is?

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    do a touch study. commence with the AKC web page and the Alaskan Malamute club of united states. there's a huge style of counsel on line and some large books accessible. do not base your decision on an information superhighway communicate board! That being stated: Mals are large dogs, yet they were advanced to be an arctic breed the position they had to imagine for themselves. they don't look straightforward to coach, highly for amateur vendors. attempting to rigidity one into doing some thing will backfire. Use constructive techniques and make the dogs imagine it become his theory all alongside. unlike some breeds, the Mal will be extra probable to imagine for himself extremely of attempting to do even with that is you want. they are wise adequate to coach you extremely of any incorrect way round! Many tend to be dominant. Mals choose a large style of grooming and exercising, and also you should use large care in the course of hotter climate. this isn't a breed that you'll be able to leave on my own contained in the backyard or kennel all day. they are going to dig, bark, bite, and change into fairly damaging if bored. you want to contain your puppy contained in the family contributors, no longer leave it by making use of itself. Mals will bounce or climb fences merely to tutor they can. some tend to be dogs aggressive. Many view smaller animals as prey and could hunt and/or kill rabbits, birds, squirrels, cats, and so on. also they are susceptible to health complications if offered from unreputable components. Take some weeks (or extra) and do your study. call and confer with some breeders. make constructive you purchase from a respected breeder extremely of from a newspaper ad or a puppy keep. the form of breeder will be keen to visit with you and help you understand the execs and cons of the breed and verify even if this is a superior in good condition for you. every person who tells you it really is the suited dogs for every person and that there aren't any undesirable issues about it does no longer have your brilliant pastime or the doggies' in ideas-- they are in trouble-free terms attempting to make a sale.

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    Photo link does not work.

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    Please upload a legit photo?

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