What does Ted Turner have anything to do with the WWE?

Apparently, there is some rumor that Ted Turner will be hosting WrestleMania. I only know him from Family Guy lol and I have only started watching wrestling since 2007, so can I get some info please?


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    Ted Turner is the founder of Turner broadcasting station better known as TBS and CNN, he decided to purchase Jim Crockett Promotions a wrestling company and turn it into what was better known as WCW, he knew nothing about the business all he did was have the money to go head to head with WWE, WCW was a much bigger promotion than WWE due to his money but with all the politics WCW had WWE eventually defeated it and McMahon purchased WCW from Ted Turner. So basically Turner is a pretty important person in the wrestling business because without him some of us would have never seen the monday night wars and the attitude era, which was one of the best times in professional wrestling.

  • 10 years ago

    Hes just one of Vince McMahons billionaire buddies.

    Turner has owned many things over the years, CNN, he owned the Atlanta Braves for a while, and he owned WCW for a while. Thats where the wrestling connection comes into play.

    This is one thing ive always hated about wrestlemania. They always bring in these silly celebrities that have little or nothing at all to do with wrestling.

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    he owned WCW but he didn't really know how to run it so he gave Eric Bischoff 100% control in WCW, after WCW went bankrupt he sold WCW to Vince

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