Who was the girl singing with Eminem saying " I need a doctor "?

Gawsh, she was better than most of the singers on there and they barely showed her face!

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    Her name is Skylar Grey. She sings the chorus in Eminem and Dr. Dre's "I Need A Doctor"

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    I know right!!! Her name is actually Holly Brook, and I was REALLY looking forward to seeing her perform at the Grammies, already knowing the other work she's done and the album--so I was happy for her to perform with Dre and Eminem-BUT they hardly got to even to show her face. Which sucked! I was mad. She is incredibly talented and her presence needed to be shown.

    It's funny though, because beforeheand, Rihanna was there- performing love the Way You Lie, wearing this gorgeous dress and looking hot and everything, and then the song switches to Need a Doctor, and Holly just totally took over. And she was dressed really casually. Just goes to show how no matter how pretty or stylish Rihanna is--talent is really something that matters. And nothing against, Rihanna--I think she's pretty cool and a amazing fashionista, but her performance sucked! Holly brought this haunting edge to the whole performance, that left lots of people wanting more of her.

    I personally feel though, that the performance would have been way cooler, like visually wise, if Holly was in a gown too, just like Rihanna. So it's like these two vulnerable girls singing on stage...you know? Like 2 different girls, wearing cool gowns, singing sadly, with two powerful men, rapping. But oh well. I'm assuming that they didn't want Holly to be shown too much since it was really mostly about Dre and Eminem's bromance. And she was more about her just using her voice for the whole moment...if they showed her too much, it'll the cool 'epic' effect away from Dre and Eminem performing together.

    I also think though, that being that this was her debut performance; like her first time singing BIG to broad audience, they (she) didn't want to expose herself just yet and is actually planning to actually come out in the future with her thing. And then she'll really come out.

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    Her name is Skylar Grey. You may also recognize her from the Fort Minor song Where'd You Go, once I heard her voice in the I need a Doctor song I knew I recognized it but couldn't figure out why. She is also known as Holly Brook and has wrote some songs for Jay Z, helped write love the way you lie, and a song for Diddy's new album.

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    Skylar Grey, formerly known as Holly Brook.

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    Ok you said so many wrong, stupid, inaccurate, ignorant, and biased things that i'm not even gonna point them out. All i'm gonna say is you really should listen through atleast 5+ songs from each of his albums, especially his first 3. He definitely doesn't "only" rap about killing his wife and hating his mom. he rapped about killing his wife in maybe 3 songs in his whole career, not even exaggerating. He rapped about his mom being a ***** or whatever in a fair number of songs, but only devoted one complete song to her. You said that he only raps about dick? WTF are you talking about? you obviously haven't listened to many of his songs and you definitely haven't heard other rappers then, if you think HE talks about dick a lot. I know every one of his songs and im even having trouble recalling ones where he talks about his dick. You also have to understand the man. show some empathy. Earlier in his career, his music was basically his therapy, if you haven't noticed. that is what "slim shady" is. it's his alter ego, his thoughts and emotions that he doesn't actually do or say in real life, just the ****** up things he imagines, For instance, killing his wife... Also, how can you say he doesn't have good lyrics? thats like blasphemy or something. the mans wordplay is incredible, especially his earlier work. "Still Don't Give a ****" is a great example of his wordplay. He also has a very smooth flow and a great way of story telling in his raps, and i don't understand how you cant respect it, nobody can flow and tell stories like he can. You also said he yells when he raps, that's really stupid of you to say and tells me some things about you. 1. You only listened to a few of his songs, and the ones you did listen to were his most recent songs (where i admit, his newer work he is kind of yelling all the time), and only the well-known, highly publicized ones. His really good songs are the ones that you've never seen on T.V. or heard on the radio. 2. You judged him and were very bias when you listened to him. you went in assuming he would be bad or expected bad things of him, you definitely weren't expecting to hear good things, and you definitely didn't persist in trying to give him a fair chance. Sorry for the extremely long response, but you are clearly looking at him the wrong way. just listen to his songs with a clear head, listen completely through many of his songs (especially lesser known ones from his earlier albums), and i guarantee you will gain more respect for him. he really is incredibly talented.

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    That was Skylar Grey she has also featured on "I'm Coming Home"

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