is it safe to travel on london underground alone late evening/night?

I'm studying nursing and will have a variety of shifts which include night and evenings and i just wanted to know if london underground is safe to travel? if tubes get delayed what other method of transport is the safest?

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    9 years ago
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    I travel a lot late at night on the Central and Bakerloo lines, and I have never encountered any problems or anything that'd make me feel unsafe, and I'm usually very conscious of my safety, I won't even go to the shop on my own after 9 in my area!

    I'd say that the next safest mode of transport will be a licensed mini cab, or a bus only if there isn't much walking involved to and from the stops.

    I was waiting for my train at Harrow & Wealdstone not so long ago, and someone committed suicide on the track at the station so everyone was evacuated, the station was closed and the Bakerloo was suspended, so my only option was to try and figure out what bus to get.. So I got up on my phone and used the journey planner to recalculate my journey, in the safest and quickest way. I recommend using it if you do happen to come across any problem. :)

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    London Underground At Night

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    Tube is a very safe way to travel. Just watch out for empty carrigies and dimly lit, side streets. I don't live in a nice part of London (South London, Elephant & Castle) and I have to take the tube at really late times but I have never been a victim of any kind of assault.

    Source(s): Personal experience. Lining in da hood.
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    Yes they are in the main. Try and avoid getting in a carriage that is completely empty. When you leave the Underground walk purposefully along well lit streets. If the Underground isn't running use the bus. Sit on the lower deck as near to the driver as possible. As you will see if you work in a Casualty department, the majority of attacks/assaults are made by men on other men

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    Yes it is very safe. Ther are always others around no matter what time of day you are travelling and thousands of women use it and travel on their own every day. The other most popular kind of public transport is the bus system. Its very good but slower than the tube.

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    Absolutely fine. 19:30 on Sunday will be really busy, it's a straight run from Covent garden to Kings X so you don't have to change lines plus there is only one line in Covent Garden so you can't get on the wrong one. Just make sure you catch the one going in the right direction.

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    Generally you are fine . Just take what would be natural precautions. Millions use it. They have to get around, get to work etc...... Some people do prefer buses.

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    From my experience, it's no more dangerous to ride it at night than during the day.

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    It is very safe, but take necessary precautions.

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