Porky Parry v Gray and Keys?

Did he really quit over their appointment to Talk Sport? Where do you sit on this?

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    10 years ago
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    No, I read an interview with him and he said he left over a contractual dispute that had been going on for a while. Maybe the offer to Keys and Gray was the final straw for him (we'll never know), but he categorically denied that was the reason he left.

    He also stated that he would have been stupid to leave if other offers weren't in the pipeline, so expect to see him on TV or BBC radio soon.

    My personal opinion? I enjoyed listening to Porky, but everything moves on. I started listening to Talk Sport (Talk Radio) years ago when Lofty from Eastenders had a brilliant pre-match Saturday show. Presenters have come and gone. Keys and Gray are the newest and I look forward to hearing them.

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    Parry quit two days before he found out who was replacing him - ‘It was over a contractual dispute which has been dragging on since last summer after the World Cup"

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