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Anonymous asked in SportsMartial Arts · 1 decade ago

On UFC 11 why did Tito Ortiz pull out of the fight against Chuck Liddell?

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    1 decade ago
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    Tito Ortiz has had some serious back issues and I would not doubt his claims relative to back injuries. I do not believe he had a "cracked skull." A "cracked skull" is a euphemism or laypersons term for fractured skull or what you might also refer to as "broken."

    No licensed allopathic (M.D.) or Osteopathic (D.O.) physician would clear a fighter with a fractured skull. If they did, they would jeopardize their license and their medical practice. I just can't see anyone clearing him for the fight. Furthermore, I have difficulty believing that Tito Ortiz wouldn't be aware of the possible consequences of fighting with such an injury. Although I am not a fan of Tito Ortiz, I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt. Rather than a skull fracture, he may have had other very personal issues he preferred to not disclose.

    We do know that Ortiz was arrested April 26, 2010, for suspicion of domestic violence, at his and Jameson's home in Huntington Beach, California. However, local authorities later chose not to pursue the case, citing a lack of collaboration from the witness. As we know the UFC confirmed the main event for the card was Liddell vs. Rich Franklin on April 12, 2010 which is interesting given the arrest date.

    There has been speculation that Jenna had a miscarriage during the taping of TUF 11 while other rumors have spoken of illness. Tito himself discusses surgical treatment of his neck pain via C5-C6 fusion which is pretty specific. Additionally, he provides video which is presumably of his procedure and the procedure seems consistent with C5-C6 fusion although difficult to know with certainty and I can't confirm that he is the patient in the video. We may never know the actual reason that Tito Ortiz was unable to fight Chuck LIddell.

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    1 decade ago

    Actually, for the honest answer. Tito has had a few injuries in the past five years including his back. He had back surgery and had to go to physical therapy for over a year, considering how extensive back surgery is. To fight in UFC you need to train for months, which Tito wasn't capable of doing at that point in time w. the surgery.

    And about the Forrest fight, he had a cracked skull, also an injury. Being a UFC fighter you get injuries which most people don't fight with. Get facts straight. :]

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    The official story is that he hurt his back and he needed to go in for surgery. However, Tito is famous for changing his story and making up excuses. Most recently in the Forrest Griffin fight, he came in saying "I'm 100% healthy right now, and I haven't been for my last few fights." Then after he lost really badly to Forrest, he said to Joe Rogan, "I lost because I came into this fight on an injury." When Joe was confused and asked him "how and where," Tito wasn't able to come up with an answer right away. I mean, he could have really needed back surgery, but who knows? Maybe he wanted the show paycheck but didn't want to fight Liddell again (who crushed him the first couple times) and that was his way of getting out.

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    5 years ago

    i'm an fan of the two UFC and delight. Chuck lidell basicly ruled the combat, and replaced into no longer petrified of Tito's punching potential. this is why he had his palms down low with the aid of out the combat, mocking Tito. would desire to offer Tito credit, he knowledgeable puzzling for this combat. I consider Prides heavy weight champ FEDOR, he might demolish any heavy weight fighter interior the ufc. delight has extra helpful warring parties, do no longer belive me in basic terms watch the subsequent Ufc. Prides ultimate would be struggling with, Randleman and the fantastic Mirko Cro cop

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    cuz of injury's in hes back. but i think he still a punk a$$ i think hes scared of chuck. i wanna see him get TKOed agian from chuck

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    because hes had back sergery i don't even know how many times and he wasn't completly recovered so it wasn't safe for him to fight

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