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Social Care Question?

Im doing a social care degree, and I have to do work experience in the area of social care... Im wondering what are the areas i can explore??

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    Social Care Service Area

    Social Care Service Area Welcome. AGE offers commissioners the following benefits and expected project outputs: Benchmarking and auditing; Best Value review - Cached

    Pages - SocialCare

    Back to 'Areas of Work' Social care is all about helping children and young people to live their lives to the full, by working with them, their families and carers towards ... - Cached

    Social care statistics : Department of Health - Publications

    Statistical work area: social care. Personal social services statistics for adults and children. This section also presents statistics on social service performance. - Cached

    Social care

    Information on the social care services sector in Europe. ... Social care Employment in social care in Europe. In the context of an ageing population and increasing demand for ... - Cached

    Social care in rural areas: developing an agenda for research ...

    Problems for rural areas are moving rapidly up the policy agenda for government and other public bodies. - Cached

    Social care services

    Areas generally covered by social care services include: Adoption ; Aids and HIV ; Blue badges ; Carers ; Child abuse ; Child protection ; Children in care - Cached

    Statistical work areas - Social Care

    Statistics and surveys produced by the Department of Health for England - Cached

    Social Care - University of Derby

    You'll be ready for work in areas like social care, community, youth and social work. We're involved in community research and consultancy. We work at a local, regional and ... - Cached

    Statistical work areas : Department of Health - Publications

    Published statistics listed in the main statistical work areas in the DH: healthcare, workforce, public health, and social care. - Cached

    Health and social care · Policy areas · Social Enterprise ...

    Social enterprises have been working in the field of health and social care for many years. Social enterprises in this field range from large primary care provider ... - Cached


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