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Your thoughts on Mario Lemieux's "Words of Wisdom" towards the NHL?;_ylt=AniSjGLvAj6I...

I guess they should've just fined the Islanders 1mil+, and 13 combined games wasn't enough for the two Islanders. Oh and Goddard shouldn't have been suspended 10 games since the Lemieux doesn't approve of the NHL rule book.

Your thoughts?

Disclaimer - Nothing he says will have any validity to me as long as Matt Cooke is on that team.


What baffled me was that the Islanders got fined $100, for what?

Update 2:

I think Gilles got the right amount of time, what he did was horrible. I just don't get where Mario sees the need to complain considering his team only got one suspension for a guy who doesn't mean anything.

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    I would suggest Mario sell the team and watch as it rolls out of town and into a real hockey city. What he said is total BS and the epitome of hypocrisy given that his team goons it up with the best of them. Always crying when one of their gets hurt but always blaming others when his team goes out and plays a pretty dirty brand of hockey. The fighting stats prove that Mario had no business chiming in on what happened to his team if he doesnt mind his team doing it to others. Cooke...a complete jackass and elite dirty player...Godard, I am amazed every time he skates from one end of the ice to the other without falling down. Guy is not a hockey player at all....what skill does he have other than to goon it up. Talbot ran Comeau with a dirty hit and that was in part the motive the Isles had to go after the Pens. And the video of MAF and Johnson looking at a fallen DiPietro and laughing? I didnt hear Mario admonish his players for that little bit of "class". And the Pens got off pretty lightly, seems the organization should have been fined as well.

    Your disclaimer says it all....he is okay with his guys playing dirty and classless hockey but how dare anyone return in kind! Sell the team if that is how you feel Mario....the rest of the hockey world who usually respect you and what you say are NOT on your side this time. The Bruins have paid millions to a deeply damaged that was injured by a hack who wears a Pens uniform and gets little of nothing in spite of repeated violations of common hockey decency.

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    What Mario said was a hypocritical to say the least. Im a huge pens fan and i dont even agree with the actions of matt cooke. There is a difference between trying to hurt someone and throwing a legal hit...But when cheapshots are taken on players that does nothing but brew up more trouble. Hockey is a violent sport and it always will be. I think the NHL needs to discipline players a little more harshly for intentional incidents i.e. Gillies, Haley, etc. I cant wait for the next Pens Islanders game. Its going to be veryyy interesting.

  • He needs to look at the team he's currently icing, and the fact that PIT has more fighting majors than any other team in the league.

    Where were Lemieux's words last week when PIT made a point of targeting David Steckel for retribution for a clean hit (as per the league) on Sidney Crosby?

    I don't recall hearing any words of wisdom last year after Matt Cooke hit Savard from behind, or during his litany of other questionable hits, suspensions, etc.

    I don't have a problem with Cooke stirring the pot and chirping everyone on the ice including the popcorn vendor. Have at it. But he hits Ovechkin with a blatantly obvious knee-to-knee hit (and he's got a ton of these in his body of work), and then the hit from behind last week that he got clipped for. My issue with Cooke is that he targets skill guys. Examples- he hit Mats Sundin years ago with a knee-to-knee hit that was brutal, he went after Lecavalier a few years ago and should have gotten clipped for it, the Savard hit, the Ovechkin knee-to-knee hit, etc. And there's the comedy of him wearing a visor. At least his doppleganger (Sean Avery) doesn't wear one. Words fail me.

    I can see how the league might want to go after Lemieux for his comments. Pretty sure the league frowns on owners making these kind of comments. Garth Snow said the right thing for public consumption and took his punishment and walked away (he can think what he wants privately).

    Maybe this is working for NYI...3 game win streak (20 goals scored in the 3 games) over MTL, PIT, and BUF.

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    I agree with Mario. He wasn't complaining because of Goddard's suspension, he was upset with the train wreck of a hockey game. I understand that there has been more violent games and I am a Pens fan but being a New Yorker the Isles actions actually sickened me. I would like to respect my state NHL teams but I really can't say that I respect the Isles. A game with fights is fine but cheap shots, teasing to that extent, and being out for blood as much as the Isles were is a bit of a disgrace to the league. They're role models and they didn't play respectably. The Isles were fined because, as the reports say, they could not control their players. They got too caught up in the moment. The Pens did start a few of the fights but if you watched the game you'd see that it was the Isles who started pretty much all of the fights so the Pens don't deserve to be fined. Goddard isn't "a guy who doesn't mean anything". He's not the best but right now when the Pens have 10 guys out for various reasons (granted two of them were guys that were brought up to replace NHL guys) they need every body they can get.

    Haha Sammy's comment made the laugh. The fights are only one part of hockey. There's the beauty of the ice, team determination, and coming together. Watching hockey is actually one of the few things me and my family does together.

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    I'm gonna go ahead and just agree with your final statement. As long as he has that hack on his team he has no room to complain.

    Apparently automatic suspensions shouldn't apply to Pittsburgh, I think Mario is too pampered by that seeing as how avoiding an automatic suspension for Malkin is one of the reasons Pittsburgh got the Cup.

    Gilles shouldn't have gotten 9 games, seeing as how his hit was just as vicious as Cooke's, yet Cooke is a repeat offender. However, at the same token Martin should've gotten more than four games.

    Bylsma somehow avoided an automatic fine... Once again the league caters to Pittsburgh.

    Gary Bettman's favorite song is "Black and Yellow" for a reason.

    All I'm saying is that you have no room talk about other teams playing cheap when you lead the league in minor, major, and match penalties, and are 3rd and second respectfully in misconducts and game misconducts.

  • i think hes just whinning. it seems to be a trend in that franchise. but seriously, why would he say that? if i was him i would just keep my mouth shut until everything calmed down. thats just dumb on his part. i do like what billy daly said though, its kind of like hes just saying 'shut up mario, theres a reason why youre not in charge of things lik this.' lol.

    the isles got a 100k fine for not being able to control their team. the players pretty much did whatever they wanted during that game. i think it shoudve been a bigger fine too. but if the isles got fined any more than 100k theyd probly go bankrupt.

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    Pat- Glad to know I'm on your mind. That's cute.

    No need to get your panties in a bunch. Mario is expressing his opinion. However, I do think that Bylsma should have gotten fined and suspended and I think that 9 games is a little harsh for Gilles. But other than that, I don't have any problem with what the NHL did.

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    They would've fined the Islanders 1 million, but attendance records show the Islanders don't have that much money.

    I thought what Martin did was worse than what Ghilles did too.

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    Mario is Sid's mentor. What would you expect?

    I feel rule 70 should have been applied to

    suspend Pen's coach.

    Agreed on Cooke.

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    My thoughts are that Ari Gold will continue to cry like a girl until this whole ordeal is done...I also agree with you and Machinehead with the whole Matt Cooke thing. I actually commented on that earlier.

    Edit: Has my point been proven? LOL!

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