Do you watch Days of Our Lives?

If so, for how long? opinions on the show?

personally, i love it, and currently, i cannot believe what's happening with rafe! and if you saw the very last episode from friday, looks like EJ and Taylor are in for something. also, did you hear Mark Hapka, who plays Nathan, got fired?? I'm so upset! Stephanie and Philip's actors are also quitting, and the show doesn't know if they'll replace the 3. Actually, Stephanie is being replaced by this girl who's last name is Mansi. But yeah..



1) yeah, john and marlena were fired cause they were the highest paid actors, and since Days' salary got cut 40% or something, they couldnt afford those 2

2) yeah, i got steph and abby mixed--Kate Mansi is being cast as abby, no steph anymore

if only there was a box set of them all.. thatd be like 11,500+ episodes haha

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    My Mom watched this show since it's beginning - 1965!!! I grew up listening to MacDonald Carey's voice announcing that 'these are the days of our lives".. the show definitely has had it's ups and downs over the years. I haven't watched religiously, however, since then, but off and on for about 40 years though! Glad that Bo and Hope are rekindling their love.. remember them back in 1983-1984 when they started out.

    What's happening now with Rafe is ridiculous...and NOT the first time that Days has used their characters as twins/evil characters, etc. The buried alive segment with Maggie is OLD since Vivian did that back to Carly back in 1992. I sort of miss Marlena and John... they were a staple, and remember her when she came on in 1976. I'm sure their salaries were a reason that they were written off, unfairly, I'd say.

    Anyway, I'm def. dating myself!!!

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    I used to watch Days, but not anymore, because the storylines right now are just too much for me. I've been watching for 10-ish years.

    Also, Stephanie isn't being replaced. That's the new actress (Kate Mansi) who's playing Abby - Jack and Jennifer's daughter.

  • Erica
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    1 decade ago

    Yes! I just started watching around November 2010 because I heard Natalia Livingston was joining, so I haven't been watching that long. I love it and I look forward to it everyday! :)

    I hope EJ and Stefano get caught kidnapping Rafe. They deserve it, in my opinion.

    I'm wondering what's going to happen between EJ and Taylor since Taylor is Nicole's sister and EJ is suppose to be marrying Nicole.

    I did hear that Mark Hapka got fired, and I'm sad about that! I love Nathan and want him to be with Melanie, but I guess that's not going to happen.

    I did hear that Phillip and Stephanie were leaving. I'm not a fan of either of them so it doesn't really bug me... I didn't hear that Stephanie was being recasted though.

  • John
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    I love Days, watched for over 38 years and they are just like family. I am not so happy with the quality of writing in the last 10 years or so, many storylines repeated over and over. I wish Phillip would change his mind and stay and can't see how they could go without recasting him - just too much going on with his character. Good riddance with Steff so of course they are going to recast her, that figures. Will be interesting to see EJ and Taylor together, especially after Nicole is now interested in him again and they had sex. Really wish they would bring back some of our veteran actors but budget won't allow. Try watching some really old episodes, the stories were so much better and creative back about 20 years ago.

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    well yea whats happening with rafe is like bleh whatever. im sure ej and taylor are gonna fall in love but i just hope nicole can still be a part of sydney's and johnny's life. eh i dont really care for nathan. he and melanie are so annoying. im more upset that steph and phillip are leaving. i dont want someone else to play steph, it just looks ridiculous since shelley has played steph for a long time now. and phillip, its like where is he going to go?? he just found out hes parkers father!!!

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    I have been watching since 1985, the day that Bo and Hope got married. I wish John and Marlena would come back!!

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    I have been watching since 1988. They are replacing STAPHANIE which pisses me off & I am not happy about Nathan leaving. I don't like to Rafe & "Rafe2" story either.

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    yeah, i've been watching it for like 2 or three years. Its my favorite soap right now.

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    Yep i watch it.. but i like Y&R better.

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