Is it right to leave a tip at a restaurant?


Do you leave a tip? How Much? I usually leave 15% of a tip on orders under 30 and 10% on orders of 30. But in a rare case where the service and food is both bad, I'll leave a 50 cent tip. The one time I didn't leave a tip was when I went to a restaurant, where we waited 10 minutes before we were even seated, and by the time we actually got to order we waited 45 minutes, and had to wait an hour for our food. The place was understaffed, and management sucked. the food was okay, the best part of the restaurant.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Twenty percent of the entire bill, regardless of the amount of the bill, whether over or under $30, is correct. Fifteen percent is becoming less common these days. Leaving a 50 cent tip is beyond rude! If the food or service is bad, speak to a manager--don't stiff the wait person. Anyway, the waiter isn't responsible for the food being bad OR how long you have to wait to be seated or get your food! I'm not sure you understand how restaurants work. Your waiter can't control how many people come to the restaurant or how backed up the kitchen is. The only thing the waiter can control is how polite he is, whether he refills your drink promptly and things like that. You are punishing him for things out of his control.

    Another thing you may not be aware of is that many restaurants practice tip-sharing. Each waiter has to share a certain percentage of the tip he is supposed to get. The waiter shares the tip with the busboy, bartender and hostess; he gets no choice in the matter, either. He has to share the tip even if he didn't get a tip! So if you only leave him 50 cents or tip 10%, he still has to share the tip you SHOULD have left him. The restaurant will calculate the amount of his tip share based on the total of all the tickets of his tables that night. The restaurant will assume he gets a tip of 15% at least per table. Out of the 15% per table he supposedly gets, he has to share about 3-5% of that. So not tipping him COSTS the waiter money. This means he PAYS for the privilege of waiting on you and having you leave him 2 quarters! Don't do that to someone.

    If you are unhappy with how long you waited for your food or to be seated, speak to the manager. Your waiter will happily get him for you.

    Source(s): Used to be a waitress.
  • pat z
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    It is considered good manners to leave a tip at an eatery -- restaurant, brasserie, bistro, cafe -- when you have had good service. Some restaurants even add a gratuity (and should so state on their menu or somewhere else that is prominent).

    I usually tip 20 percent based on the total of the bill (not including tax) regardless of the overall amount. People often have to work as much to bring a less expensive order! If service is deliberately bad (disinterested, rude), I leave nothing. Zip.

    Don't punish the server for the quality of the food. That's the restaurant's responsibility. If you aren't satisfied with the food, take your complaint to the manage; don't take it out on the server.

    Fast food "joints" aren't restaurants.

  • Susie
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    Depends on the type of restaurant. I never tip at fast food, but if you have a server and someone clears your table then depending on service tip 10-20% of your bill. The servers make most their money off tips and make very little per hour wage.

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    Average tips are combined with their wages. Waiters make less per hour than minimum wages because it is customary to tip. Also, when you give them your credit card to pay for a meal, the number is stored in their credit card machine until they "z it out" at the end of the shift. My manager used to tell me to add my tip onto their card if they left without tipping, so think about that when you try to stiff your waiter. It's not illegal.

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  • 10 years ago

    Generally, yes this is considered common practice. 15% of the bill is thought to be the "usual" tip. Feel free to give a little more or less to the waitress/waiter, depending on how good they are.

  • 10 years ago

    Yes your waiters work hard to getting ur food delivered quickly to you. The least you could to is givem a couple bucks. The real question is though, how much should u give them. P.S. if they arent good at all you pay them less than what u would pay a guy who excellent.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    If the waiter did a good job in your opinion, then yes.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    yea if they r doing there job right

  • 10 years ago

    If they deserve it yes.

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