What is art? How would you define art?

I can easily look up the definition of art in the dictionary, so it isn't necessary for you to do the research for me. I just want to know what you think. Thanks.

Also, would you consider everyday actions art? Eating and sleeping an art? Would you consider people art?


What about living? Is that an art too?

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    It's an excellent question, and of course is much more than painting, drawing, photography, etc. IMO, art is simply the expression of an idea or experience (see "Qualia") through creative analogies. Using this definition, many things could be considered art, so long as those things are being used as vessels to convey whatever "it" is you are trying to say.

    Eating can be used as performance art (again, depending on what you are trying to say by displaying the action of eating). For example, perhaps your subject is your dislike of American consumerism. You could sit down in a crowded mall somewhere in America, fervently stuffing your face with hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, soda, beer, etc until you projectile vomit, and then continue eating until you vomit again, and then again, and so...causing a public scene. That would make a fairly dramatic statement about you feel regarding the subject, and is something that could easily be considered performance art in the artistic community (lol, not that I do, it just popped in my head)

    The same could go with sleeping. In fact, much of my own art deals with lucid dreaming, and the play between consciousness and unconsciousness. In reality, you can use just about thing as an analogy, which means art can be just about anything...if executed in a "creative" way that gets a point across.

    Another example, see Tom Friedman's "1000 hours of stare". It's a blank sheet of paper Tom stared at for 1000 hours. To someone without a fairly decent background in Art, or even Tom Friedman as an artist, this may seem ridiculous. But, when you delve into the conceptual complexities behind WHY Tom did this, you begin to recognize it as an ingeniously simple expression of who Tom is.

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    Define The Arts

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    That question has been debated for centuries so this boils down to my lousy opinion but: If a person creates something (anything) in order to express their own feelings, thoughts, ideas...then they have created a work of art, the art viewing/ buying public and history will decide if it is good art.

    I never thought the art of Andy Warhol was worth a damned, history has proven him to be an enduring artist of worth (and thus proven me wrong).

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    I would definitely consider humans as art in a way. The way someone can be analysed like a piece of art in so much depth. Then I would consider, fashion, music, drama as art too. Lady Gaga is definitely one definition of art haha!

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    Art is beauty. It captures the essence of something. Art is abstract. It is a artist's own little piece of treasure. Art is love. It shows emotions and causes emotions. Art is life. It is the essential ingredient to the recipe of living. Art is everywhere.

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    Art is expression. The definition of art is different to everybody, but in my mind, art can be any way a person expresses his/herself.

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    True art is a reflection of us.

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    An expression of emotions that makes the beholder feel that of the artist as they made it.

    This includes everything from paintings and pottery to stories and poems.

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    I think that art is best with an open definition. I just made a video about it.


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    Anybody can do art.

    But, it is the "real artist" that

    knows which ones to keep. <}:-})-{♥

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