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Cake bakers, is buttercream necessary for a fondant cake?

I'm making my first fondant cake ever!! I have done some research and watched videos, and people keep putting buttercream under the fondant. Is it really necessary to have buttercream or can I just use regular frosting??

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    Are you not the same person who just asked this exact same question with the exact same details?

    NO. It is not necessary. Just put the fondont on the cake. I have done it this way before. It works fine. You do not have to use frosting at all between the cake and the fondont. Just put the fondont on the cake and go on.

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    Fondant is actually quite disgusting, once you do your tasting I'm sure you'll want the buttercream. I've known a couple girls who wanted a pretty cake for show so they had a "fake" fondant covered cake sitting out at the reception but another buttercream sheet cake in the back that was actually cut and served for the guests. You can do a lot of pretty things with fondant, but it's taste is somewhat like eating modeling clay.

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    The reason why people use butter cream is because it is thick and appliable and it keeps the fondant on the cake. In most recipes it usually tells you to refrigerate the cake which allows the butter in the frosting to harden and it sticks the fondant to the cake. It also tastes great. If you want to use normal frosting, you would have to find a recipe that contains a lot of butter, or something thick and will slightly harden or thicken once cooled. As long as the fondant sticks to it and doesn't ten to slide off, it'll be fine. But, I highly recommend using butter cream since it works, tastes great and is easy to make! Whatever you do, I would make a test cake with your technique before making one for any occasion. Good luck!

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    No, it does NOT have to be buttercream. A regular store bought frosting will work, but will probably require at least 2 containers. Your bottom layer (under the fondant) serves 2 purposes: 1st, as a frosting, 2nd, as a crumb coating to ensure the fondant has a flat surface and to adhere it to the cake. Good luck. Hope this helps.

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    Butter cream is NOT necessary.

    But you DO need something for the fondant to hold to.

    I use a Chocolate Gnoch with semi sweet chocolate and then beat "Cool Whip" whipped cream into the gnoch. Mix until the gnoch feels somewhat a notch thinner than marshmallow fluff without the stickiness.

    Spread that on the cake instead of buttercream lay fondant and I guaruntee your guests will be pleased.

    Source(s): Gnoch and Whip Cream Mixture. NOT Nasty buttercream
  • You need a sticky layer of some kind. But butter ceam is basically a general type of frosting that pretty much Everyone uses.

    P.S>. fondnagt is a waste of time and money. Everyone will just peel it off and throw it away anyway.

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    Well, butter cream does make it softer.. Ive learned in a book I purchased, You shouldn't use any ole frosting, Butter cream if anything. You don't have to use it, But it IS recommended. Best wishes!

    Source(s): My Culinary Book
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    Buttercream is necessary!

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    I don't think its nesessary, buttercream is used so they can stick together.

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