How do you say Happy Birthday in Korean?

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I really want to wish my friend Happy Birthday in Korean on Facebook because shes from Korea. But idk how you say it. I know i could just type it up on google but i want to hear from more
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the formal way: 생일 축하합니다
the polite way: : 생일 축하해요
the casual way (between friends): 생일 축하해

if you wanna know more about the "formal" "polite" etc grammar style, take a look at this little korean grammar guide:


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  • love*shock answered 3 years ago
    생일 축하합니다- saengil chukahapnida
    this is the phrase used in the song :) it's more formal
    생일 축하해요- saengil chukahaeyo
    also formal but less so than the first
    생일 축하해- saengil chukahae
    생일 축하한다- saengil chukahanda
    both casual but second is not as... polite? lol

    I think 생일 축하해 is the best choice though ;D

    생일 means birthday
    축하 means like congrats

    lol p.s!! your idea is super cute ^^
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  • Kwonbaby answered 3 years ago
    formal: 생일 축하해! : saengil chukahae!
    Polite: 생일 축하해요! : saengil chukahaeyo
    Casual: 생일 축하합니다! : saengil chukahamnida!

    If she's older you would add 언니 (eonni), which is a term used among friends as well as family meaning older sister. If she's younger: 동생 (dongsaeng) which is younger sister, in this case (used among good friends)

    So: 생일 축하해 언니/동생!!


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  • Angela Anderson answered 3 years ago
    you should just copy paste this 생일 축하 it means happy birthday in korean ;)
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  • Demon Satan answered 3 years ago
    saeng-il chugha ( 생일 축하 )
    ginyeom-il peulleiteu ( 기념일 플레이트 )
    gyeolhon ginyeom-il chugha ( 결혼 기념일 축하 )
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