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Could you correct this review?


The movie is about a journalist, Nafas, born in Afghanistan but living in Canada, she’s going back to Afghanistan for an important reason.

The reason why she’s back in that place of war and despair is her sister, she has lost her legs because of a landmine and she wants to commit suicide on the day of the eclypse.

The letter of Nafas’s sister arrives late and Nafas has only 3 days to save her. Nafas keeps a “journal”, a recorder where she records all the details of her journey, hoping that her sister, listening to the tape will realize that doesn’t make sense to committ suicide after all the time Nafas spent to reach her and when there are so many people hurted and mutilated that would kill for a fake leg.

After arriving Nafas joins a refugee family to cross the border, she’ll have to pretend to be the 4th wife of an old man that has a lot of children.

Immediately she has to wear a burqa that covers all her body, and many times she will be reprehended by men because of her taking it up to see better or to breathe better.

During the first part of her trip she realizes how the wives of the old man are subdued and overawed, they’re wearing a burqa and NEVER during the trip will take it off, but they are still women, this human characteristic appears in a scene where the women stop at a peddler to buy jewerly and to varnish their wrinkled hand’s nails that they will never show.

The trip with this family is interrupted by two gunmen that steal everything including their means of trasporting. The man decides to back but Nafas can’t waste her time, so she continues on her own.

She meets a child, just kicked out from a Qu’uranic school that offers to help her to reach Kandahar for money.During the way Nafas drinks some water from a well, but the water in Afghanistan is contaminated and has to be boiled first, so they have to stop for a while to see a doctor. the conditions under which a woman is visited by a doctor are incredible. The doctor can’t see or talk to the woman, they are divided by a sheet with a hole in which the woman approaches eyes,mouth and whatever is necessary to identify the malaise.

Nafas, noticing that the doctor could be helpful, sends away the child.

The Doctor is in reality an american man with a fake beard that pretends to be afghan, he tells Nafas that the reason why he is there is to find himself, his God and to help people that in that desperate country die for a flu.

The man becomes her guide, but then he doesn’t feel like going into Kandahar so he takes her to the Red Cross, a camp full of crippled men that beg the insensible doctors for a fake leg.

A doctor reveals to Nafas that she has just given a fake leg to a man going to Kandahar, Nafas reaches the man and together they take advantage of a marriage to reach the city; they both wear a burqa to avoid suspects.

When Nafas seems to be unhindered, the wedding procession is stopped by the county police.Everybody is frisked, the man is caught and she’s also discovered.

In the final scene she drops the burqa covering her eyes, she repeats her name and says that everything she’s doing is for her sister.

The movie doesn’t end with the longed meeting ,we can only imagine it.

According to my opinion this final scene shows the real destiny of Nafas, she will get sucked into the society she wanted to forget by going to Canada.

One of the most interesting scenes is the route she does on the old man’s means with his wives and children, in this scene we see Nafas to one side, that has her burqa up, she’s looking at the landscape and glad to have the wind on her face, and to the other side one of the man’s wives, that shyly puts her lipstick on under the veil.

This is an example of how the woman is accepting her situation of submission, maybe she doesn’t want to struggle anymore and clutches at one of the symbols of femininity: the lipstick.

But what’s the use on putting a lipstick on, when nobody can see you, except you husband?

Man that is anyhow shared with 2 other women?

Here you have the Afghan woman’s role: repressed, lacking of identity and forced to accept everything that might happen ( we can notice their impassibility when the gunmen rob everything).

Another meaningful scene is the one of the Qu’uranic schoool, where the children are forced to learn something they don’t really understand and where they are taught that religion and war are two related concepts.

English is not my language, and thanks for your help.


Thanks :) This is a review of a movie we watched in class and the teacher told us to write all about the story and then our opinion.

You are very helpful thanks, I thought it was worse :)

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    It's very good already, but there are two main things you can do to make it better.

    First; are you required to tell people the entire plot of the movie? It takes up a lot of space that you could be using to say your opinion. When talking about the movie, say only the basic plot, like you would find on the back cover of the DVD or videotape.

    Second; there isn't much spacing. After five or four sentences, or when it looks like you're starting on another topic, you should press the Enter key and start another paragraph.

    Otherwise, it will look like your review is made up of giant clumps of text that people will see as more of a challenge to follow.

    I like your review very much, and other than those two points, I don't think you should change a thing.

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