In the Swedish word "är" is the r silent, and is the same true for the g in "jag"?

I'm trying to learn "practical" Swedish, but I can only find videos that teach proper Swedish pronunciation. I don't know if I'm pronouncing certain words the way the would be pronounced in Sweden. I heard är and jag sound different. For the most part, is this true? Can you think of other commonly used Swedish words that people in Sweden pronounce differently? It would be so helpful!


Oh, and is "de" pronounced as "dom"? I hear that sometimes as well.

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    The r in "är" is there when you say the word alone, but it disappears when you say it quickly in a sentence.

    The g in "jag" is always silent.

    Yes, "de" sounds like "dom" when you say it.

    "Dom" is also a colloquial way of writing both "de" and "dem". "De" is a subject pronoun while "dem" is an object pronoun, like "I" and "me".

    You can use this site to listen to some native speakers saying words, alter the search to suit yourself:

    Source(s): Norwegian, fluent in Swedish.
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