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Ebenezer Scrooge, Christmas Carol help please.?

In my English class we have to choose a character from English/British literature and do a project on them.

I was going to do V from V For Vendetta but it wasn't going well so I changed to Ebenezer Scrooge from Christmas Carol.

The part I'm on now is bring in something/ make something that represents the character or story.

I'm having trouble coming up with something for Scrooge. I've done pretty good at doing school projects out of my old LEGO's so that's one option but I don't know what to make.

Some examples are

Clockwork Orange: Friend is taking a old TV and gluing screen shots from the movie on the screen because in the movie they make people watch something or something? I didn't see it but that's my understanding.

Beowulf: People who did Beowulf have brought in shields and swords and things

Harry Potter: People have brought in banners for Griffindor and other stuff.

Does anyone have a cool idea for what I can make/take it for Scrooge?

The only part after that is to dress up like our character so I was trying not to take in a top hat or anything because I will be trying to get one for the dress up day.

Please help

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    Money box or an accounting ledger - he was basically a loan shark. After his reform - that big prize turkey, or some other symbol for keeping Christmas.

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