Which SEPTA (Philly)stations sell tokens?

Just moved to Philly, and I see that some stations don't sell the $1.55 tokens, meaning one has to pay the full $2 fare. Which stations sell the tokens?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your question is difficult to answer b/c you didn't mention which part of the city you live, or if you're using the el, subway or regional rail line.

    Most of the larger hubs have ticket booths: Olney, Frankford, 69th St,, 30th St, 15th & Market, Suburban Station, Market East

    Your best bet is to ask someone at the stations you use-- maybe the kiosk attendant. You could also call the SEPTA office or check the website. But in this situation, I still think "word of mouth" is better.



    Buy your tokens in bulk-- maybe 20 or more.

    If you ride SEPTA at least 10x a week, consider getting a weekly or monthly transpass or railpass. Sometimes they're inconvenient to buy, but they're easy to use and more flexible, too.

    Have cash ready. Believe or not, some of the ticket booths are not set-up for credit or debit card purchases. (It's ridiuclous how limited the SEPTA system still is!)

    Always, always, ALWAYS keep a spare token in your wallet or backpack. It will definitely come in handy one day.

    But you're absolutely right. People should be able to at least purchase single tokens at every station, but SEPTA doesn't make it easy. Of all the major cities, SEPTA is the most expensive and the least user-friendly!

  • 9 years ago

    You can buy them at any check cash place, supermarket or the self serve machines at most stations.

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