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Did any of you have cramping at 18 weeks pregnant?

I have had mild cramping on and off throughout my pregnancy. From what I've read online, it's normal in early pregnancy, but I'm 18 weeks along now, so it's not really "early" anymore. I've mentioned it to my doctor and he doesn't seem concerned, but I'm just wondering if anyone else felt this as late as 18 weeks? It feels similar to menstrual cramps. No bleeding or spotting though.

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    It's normal. I've had cramping on and off throughout my entire pregnancy. I'm 30 weeks now. My doc says it's braxton hicks. Your body gets those through the entire pregnancy and some women feel it the whole time, and others don't feel it at all until the very end when they are mistaken for labor pains. If you start feeling cramps several times an hour - regularly, you should go in. It could be premature labor. Unless you start experiencing that or bleeding, I wouldn't worry about it. Just another one of those "joys of pregnancy!"

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    I had what was known as a irritable uterus with my 2nd - it was annoying as hell and didn't matter HOW much water I drank - and I drank close to a gallon a day!

    Here's an amazing website on it

    If you're drinking enough water you just might be a victim of IU

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