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Why would a justice not take part in a consideration of a case?

In the 1978 United States v. Wheeler, Justice Brennan took no part in consideration or decision of the case. What does this mean and why would he not take part?

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    There are many reasons that a Supreme Court justice will abstain. Sometimes, they have literally called in sick. Other times, the case comes from a law firm where they used to work. Even other times, the Justice may feel they have a bias that will not allow them to remain impartial. This is very common.

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    Generally it means he did not agree with the majority. This happens.. sometimes the rejection is right... sometimes we wonder why! This is why we should reconsider Presidential appointment and insist on the American people to have a say.. not just who fell into a Presidency.. but who will support our freedoms, outside of Uncle Sams control! Note that many ignorant will support Fed control,. but there is no way that any can deny, if we still have freedom of speech, that it is the biggest denial of our freedoms!

    You look at what we once had.. then compare to what is in our face! Nam lost much of our freedom, it was mostly because of ignorance and media! You can bet.. notice that word... it has to do with the Russian and American Mafia! The CIA failed to tell us the facts and the FBI kept files that showed what happened in our past! JFK was killed by the Mafia! Bobby was killed by them!

    The Communists looked at what or who they could use and what was in place! Cuba had all the casinos ready for business.. they did nothing to them! Castro used the Mafia in the US to take out JFK and Bobby.. it is in FBI files and why did we not know with the CIA investigations? Is it not who is in power, NO, not who happens to be President! They said... take out JFK and you take out Bobby.. the Attorney General, who was prosecuting the MOB! But our new President kept Bobby! Was it his fault, our the fault of us being truthful.. meaning wanting to know? Interesting and these are facts,, too bad the MOB had no arrests and one of the shooters died by a MOB known member.. Ruby! We should note the CIA gave no connection to Ruby and Oswald, right? They met several times.. an FBI release! Wake up dumb intellectuals! Earl

    Source(s): The files of the FBI were made public and were on National TV! You can get them.. if you want.. Communists will not want.. will they? Do you care? Earl
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  • Sometimes a judge believes they cannot be impartial, so they decide not to take part in the intrest of fairness

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    It means the Justice feels he/she cannot be impartial in THAT case for whatever reason OR was incapacitated.

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