Just got a few questions to do with web development!?

Well, I know HTML and CSS and a little JQuery and soon I want to start making websites for people for a little money!

What is an CMS?

What is wordpress?

What do frameworks do?

What is dream weaver useful for?

I really hope some of you can answer some of these questions!

Thanks in advance, Liam

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    Hi Liam,

    I'll do my best to answer you questions an concisely as possible, but along with my explanations I include links to pages with more details,

    CMS is short for "Content Management System", this answer applies to your second question also, Worpress is a content management system.

    Acontent management system does what it says on the tin, manages content.

    Lets say you want to build a blog site for someone, but they don't know how to change things in raw code, well you can build the site in CSS/HTML, and put it on your server, but how does the person edit this? They dont know the code to do it? But if, after designing your site in CSS/HTML etc you install Wordpress on your server, attach your design to it, then the site is built, but with a Wordpress blog interface, then the client can login to the CMS and add new articles etc easily. Like using this site for example, another popular CMS is Joomla, which is more powerful as you can build online stores in it etc, but without a knowledge of PHP and Javascript you couldn't really use it. The upside of making it with a CMS is that it is more usable, and lots of people out there build lots of helpful plugins that attach to the CMS to make adding photos, podcast, videos, articles to site easy. The Downside it they do constrain you, there are some things that just won't work in a CMS that would in plain old code. This is a very wide spectrum to cover in a short, so here are the links to some articles from Wikipedia that'll help you.

    CMS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_Management_Sy...

    Wordpress: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WordPress

    Joomla: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joomla

    Frameworks I'm not clear on, but here is a link to a site that explains http://info.cimetrix.com/blog/bid/22339/What-is-a-...

    And finally, Dreamweaver is a Web Development tool, eg. you use it to build your site, plain and simple, if you've learned HTML/CSS you will have used something similar I would think. I'm surprised, to be honest, that you've learned CSS/Html without coming in contact with it as it is the main tool developers use to build the initial site before uploading it to their server and making it live.

    Good luck to you.


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    A CMS is a Content Management System. It allows non-technical people to manage their own websites by giving them the ability to add/edit and remove content.

    WordPress is a freely available open-source application which allows people to host their own blogs.

    Frameworks are standardised sets of development code which you can use in your projects. They include solutions to commonly found programming problems so you can concentrate on developing your project instead of the same old developments problem. jQuery is a JavaScript framework so you already have some experience of this -- it gives you a great set of standard tools which eliminate problems such as cross-browser compatibility issues.

    Dreamweaver is a greet application for web designers to put together web pages quickly without having to learn HTML or CSS. It's a visual way of developing web pages.

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