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Purple asked in Social SciencePsychology · 9 years ago

what educational values support deep learning?

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  • 9 years ago
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    first, I'd say, motivation is an important one. Why learn?

    With it goes fun in a way. If learning is struggle it won't stick in one's head for long. It's easier to learn things that are interesting for you. If you WANT to learn about something it's remembered easier.

    Teachers have to avoid "dry" stuff and make it more plastic for the pupils. The topic must be presented as interesting and worth learning. This won't work if a teacher does not show effort and motivation himself.

    Further, it's easier to learn things if one can connect new information with things that already known.

    Often it's easier if you understand HOW things work (in maths or physics,...) so you don't have to learn everything (=results) by heart. You can easily cope with new problems- you are able to derive solutions for problems that haven't occured till that point.

    Sometimes, though, there are things that are no fun but you still have to learn them. In that case effort and endurance are indispenable...

    These values are provided by parents ( the way they act), by religion and by teachers themselves.

    Repetion of information (like vocabulary, historic dates,...) is very important. Repeating (and the will to learn and to keep information) will support remembering as the synapses are used more frequently. Thei connection grows stronger- things are rembered faster.

    It's no use learning for a test the night before. While sleeping the brain reorganizes information and their connections. And this is not done in one night (at least not properly...)

    Well, that's what I comes to my mind at the moment. hope it's what you were looking for, in a way.

    Source(s): life of a student and having to deal with matters of how to teach things to younger people so they can pass their tests ;-)
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