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How many of you wished the one who said "game over" to Mubarak was Jigsaw?



I mean in a Saw movie

Update 2:

@ A: He has propably got the worst punishment he could ever think of by being expelled by his people like this. I guess he would have chosen to die and not live and see this day.

All I care for indeed is to get the money stolen from Egypt by Nubarak or his asstants as we are in dire need for this money.

I am no revenge freak, this question was just for fun. But we need not to mix "justice" and "revenge" up, justice should be served, not revenge.

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    Mubarak was a dictator, an autocrat, an extremely corrupt man with a corrupt administration, and a frequent liar, and I am glad he is gone so at least the possibility exists for a better government.

    But he was also the former Air Force Chief, he served in the conflicts against Israel, he was a war hero, he restored Egypt's place in the Arab League after we made peace with the Zionists, he got the Suez Canal moving again, he turned Sinai into a tourist riviera when it could have been a warzone, he produced 5-7 per cent annual economic growth for Egypt even if it was always going into the wrong hands, he gave 30 years of stability after 30 years of 4 wars, he made Egypt one of the very few countries in the world that really wants no enemies, that has peace with all its neighbours, he prevented the brutal terror attacks from growing into open violence like in Iraq, prevented them from convincing a million tourists not to come to Egypt each year.

    It's true that in doing all this, Mubarak was again, very corrupt and dictatorial, and he profited vastly in the process, but it is impossible not to see how much worse things could have been, if it had not been for some of the good effects Mubarak had.

    Now that he is gone I don't care for revenge, he is 82 years old and has already been humiliated and expelled from 30 years of power in 3 weeks, he is probably in shock and dazed, I hope he finds a quiet life somewhere to spend his last years in peace.

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    Erm, Did Mubarak's clan amass like 70$ Billion in 30 years? It is said that Egypt received 2$ Billion in aid from US ever since they signed the peace deal with Israel. So by that calculation 30 x 2 = 60. However, since Mubarak gained 70$ Billion, it could be assumed that the humiliation Egypt was made to suffer by swallowing its pride by having this deal with its enemy, not to mention being forced to turn a blind eye to the tortures their Palestinian brothers had to go through, it has all gone into Mubaraks pocket and then some...

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