Will he be charged guilty of murder?

Suppose, a man who has Paranoid Schizophrenia or any other mental disorder, but has also commited crimes or murders to be specific.

In such a case, how is he charged or how light is his sentence?

Is he let off the hook to a certin extent. HOw is that determined?

Country: India.

Although, you can give laws from any other country also.

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    I don't know about India but I suspect the legal system has its roots in English law because, like the US, it is a former English colony. Here the question is one of "legal sanity." The defendant must be able to understand the difference between right and wrong in a legal (rather than moral) sense. Simply put, he must be capable of understanding the law and of complying with it. Schizophrenia is the primary mental illness that leads to rulings of "not guilty by reason of insanity" because full-blown schizophrenia results in psychosis, the inability to properly perceive reality.

    Very few "insanity defenses" succeed because the requirements are so stringent. When they do succeed there is no criminal sentence because the defendant is not guilty under the law, but a parallel process is set in motion to determine whether the subject is a danger to himself or others. In those cases the former defendant may be involuntarily institutionalized.

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    In US, if you are deemed legally mentally incompetent, a criminal would likely end up at an institution for life. This involves prior and present mental evaluations, but with so many people claiming "insanity" to get off a murder (particularly the death penalty), law enforcement/attorneys/judges and such are really going to test mental stability. This is a very bad defense that usually ends up with the perpetrator getting caught as lying, especially if there is no previous documented mental issues.

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    from the USA, and usually if they are diagnosed with a mental disorder after committing a crime of murder and found guilty in the court system, he will spend the remainder of his life committed to a mental institution, and given a life sentence..and i have seen one released, after about 20 years or so, for whatever reason they released him, thinking he was well enough, i guess, and the very next day he was let out, committed the same crime and caught and put right back in confinement again..so it varies by individual..and some people are never let out..

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