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I really dont understand why shias and sunnis hate each other?

i was born into a sunni family. im not perfect but i try my best at practising my religion. But anyway i dont understand why sunnis and shias hate each other. Ive met i couple of shia families. I dont feel the same amount of animosity towards them as they feel for me. i dont hate them at all, but perhaps they havea reason to hate me since they are a minority or something i dont know. I never really knew anything about shia or sunni until about a year ago . Even though i was a little suprised it didnt really phase me. But anyway i was just wondering why there is so much animosity between sunnis and shias???

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    Sunnis hate Shias because in their hearts they know they are right and they are jealous of the liberal forward thinking lives they live. Just compare Iran with Saudi.

    It's similar to the Catholic/Protestant problem both think they are correct, only we all know what the protestants really are.

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    As a Shia Muslimah, I hold no hatred for Sunni Muslims. I disagree with their beliefs but that doesn't mean I hate them. I have many Sunni friends and we do not let our differences get in between our friendship. However, the wahabis are a different story and I despise everything they stand for, because for decades they have brought only pain and misery to Shias, Sufis, even Sunnis who do not share their more extreme views. Wahabis have persecuted and abused anyone who is different from them.

    As a Shia, I don't hate Sunnis. But look around this site and you'll see who really hates who.

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    you are sunni right?

    ok first of all, shias hate you, shias think you are deviated from islam. they think you hate the Ahle Bayt RA and love the "oppressors" of Ahle Bayt RA (the first 3 caliphs RA). But they will do taqqiyah and tell you that you're muslim and call for this fake Islamic unity BS. But deep inside they think you are worse than kaffirs.

    unfortunately for the shia, it is them who have strayed from Islam. The founder of their sect, ibn Saba, preached the divinity of Imam Ali RA. you see today the shias committing shirk by making their "imamate" (may Allah protect them from slander) higher than the Prophets AS and Angles AS and partners with Allah.

    believe me, I've had shia "friends" my whole life and even was shia.


    Two misguided groups are the Nasibis (i.e. Nawaasib) and the Shia (i.e. Rawaafidh). The Nasibis will take all the Hadith of praise in regards to Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman, but then they will never mention those Hadith which praise Ali. The Shia, on the other hand, will take all the Hadith in regards to Ali’s praises, but they will ignore all of the Hadith in regards to Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman’s great attributes. Both positions are biased and incorrect. The Prophet praised many people and each of the four Rightly Guided Caliphs is on an elevated status of his own.

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    Apparently, to many Shias, you are an enemy of the Prophet's Family !!!

    EDIT-- stay cool, and love all Muslims regardless. And don't call yourself sunni... you are a Muslim. That is the name Abraham -- peace be upon him -- gave us. Let's not divide into sects. The Quran was revealed before anything Sunni/Shia/Khariji/Ibady... etc

    May Allah guide us.

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    Sects are the sign of corruption in islam. You should only be muslim and nothing els.

    p.s. watch my answer get thumbs down by sunnis and shias for speaking the truth

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    it's stupid they have forgotten that even though they are from different tribes(sunni's and shia) that they are both muslim which makes muslims nowadays hate eachother this is what made muslims grow so weak because they keep fighting each other

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    Some of my best friends are among sunnis

    I dont really hate them

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    I don't hate them. It's a different matter that I don't think their beliefs are right.

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    Because both of them have forgotten that after all they are human beings !

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