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About Plastic Surgery ?

I know plastic surgery can make our face form become differrent from first.

Is it take high risk ??

Is plastic surgery technology underdeveloped ??

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    The specialty of Plastic Surgery generally deals only with the "flesh" or skin of the face. Re-adjusting the bones which underlie the face, is the province of Maxillo-Facial surgeons.

    Plastic surgery technology took a big leap forward in the last 2 decades, with the development of "re-connecting arteries and veins." The big problem with plastic surgery has always been that it is not enough to move a piece of flesh to somewhere else, - unless you are able to leave its blood-supply, (its arteries and veins) intact, then it will just die off wherever you put it.

    This requirement led to the development of things like "tube pedicles" by the famous early Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gillies.

    In the last 2 decades we have learnt how to cut the blood supply off when moving the flesh, but using an operating microscope, to *re-attach* the arteries and veins at the destination. This is a very powerful technique, and seems reliable, in the hands of someone who is good at it.

    I wouldn't agree with you that Plastic Surgery is under-developed. One of the latest developments is the "face transplant," - - that is, using *someone else's* facial flesh, - - in the same way as kidneys and hearts are transplanted, from a (deceased) donor. In this case, the re-attachment of the blood-supply is probably the most critical step; but for the underlying facial muscles to work, the nerves must be re-attached too.

    I would not say that it is especially high-risk, either. The major danger is failure of the tissue to re-attach properly to the new arteries and veins at its destination, - but this would only cause failure of the transfer, not cost the patient his life. The risk is strictly in proportion to the size of the problem, - as it would be if no treatment at all were attempted.

    Where the objective problem is small, - as in the case of Cosmetic Plastic surgery purely for vanity's sake, - - there have certainly been mishaps, in which one questions, afterwards, the need for the procedure in the first place? Examples of this include Michael Jackson's face, - click here, - , and the so-called "Bride of Wildenstein's" face, click here

    Burns are the major area of Plastic Surgery where much progress still needs to be made. This is because of the wholesale loss of flesh caused by deep, extensive burns.

    I hope this is of some help.

    Best wishes,


    retired uk gp

    quondam Plastic Surgery SHO at Newcastle General Hospital, UK

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    many human beings have the wrong theory that cosmetic surgical technique have been given its call using fact it comprises using some form of plastic or different artifical textile, whilst in certainty, the term cosmetic surgical technique comes from the Greek observe "plastikos," meaning to mildew or to shape. by capacity of ways, the 1st printed use of that observe grew to become into by capacity of German regularly occurring practitioner Karl Ferdinand von Graefe (1787–1840), between the pioneers of cosmetic surgical technique.

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