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Who is the prettiest/handsomest royal person in the past?

Just curious. Answer ranges in all royal ranks and types. Much more interesting if you provide a sketch or a portrait.

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    Of all royals?

    That's a tough one. We have old descriptions stating that this or that royal was particularly attractive, but it's hard to tell how accurate they were, owing to the tendency to flatter royalty. Where we have portraits, these sometimes don't suggest that the royal in question really was that good-looking, even by the standards of the era. Some people for whom these discrepancies arise include Isabella of France, wife of King Edward II of England; Mary Tudor, the younger sister of Henry VIII; and Mary, Queen of Scots. All were described as great beauties, but it's really hard to say whether they were, though Mary Tudor's portraits do suggest that she was prettier than average for her time. Mary of Scotland seems to have been more chic and elegant than genuinely beautiful.

    In other words, if a royal didn't look absolutely like the back of a horse, he or she was usually said to be great looking, whether or not that was really true.

    Among more recent royals, I'd put Queen Alexandra, wife of Edward VII and Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia, second daughter of Tsar Nicholas II on my list. Queen Josefina, wife of King Oscar I of Sweden, was pretty attractive as a young woman. The current Duchess of Kent has always been a beauty, even now, and she has a beautiful daughter, Lady Helen Taylor, who managed to escape the often unfortunate Windsor looks.

    As for men, again we're told that Henry VIII was fabulously good-looking as a young man, but you couldn't prove it by me. I rather like the looks of Francis I of France, but he was more intriguing in appearance than conventionally handsome. King Edward VIII, later Duke of Windsor, of the UK was considered very handsome, but I actually prefer the looks of his two brothers, King George VI and the Duke of Kent.

    A lot of this, of course, comes down to personal taste.

    Edit: I meant to add: portraits of Elizabeth I suggest that she was an attractive woman, better looking than her father and her Aunt Mary. Again, it's hard to be sure, because we can be certain that painters flattered her appearance, but the portraits are consistent enough in terms of facial features that I think we can say that she really was gifted with good looks.

    And then there's Isabella of Portugal, wife of the powerful Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. She died in her 30's, and if I'm remembering her correctly, the best-known portrait of her may have been done posthumously, which raises questions about its accuracy. You can see it below, however, and she is said to have been beautiful.

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    What Vera G said, Grace Kelly (Philadelphia girl. My hometown). I would like to add, Queen Noor to the list as well. The US produces beautiful, and intelligent Royals.

    ok, waiting for the TDs. LOL

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    Marie Antoinette

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    Princess Grace of Monaco, who used to be actress Grace Kelly before her marriage.

    Grace Patricia Kelly was born November 12th 1929 and died Sept. 14th, 1982 in a car accident after suffering a stroke behind the wheel of her car. She died 2 months before her 53rd birthday.

    She was Princess of Monaco from April 19th 1956 to Sept. 14th 1982 (her death)

    Married to Rainier III ( Prince of Monaco)

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    Unfortunately, some of the royals of the world that I find attractive were also not very nice people...some were even killers. Yet, they were still royalty. Looks and personality or morales or ethic have nothing to do with each other.....unfortunately.

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    I don't think there have been any. Don't forget they come from German descent and with interbreeding and marrying between related families the offspring don't come out too well. Even Diana, over hyped and media moulded as she was, had a gawky look about her and wasn't too far removed from the German bloodline.

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    Camilla Parker Bowles dear girl. She is quite the most deliciously fruitiest and friskiest member of a Royal Family this side of Christendom. Age shall not weary her, nor custom stale her infinite variety! One does envy dear Charles.

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    Ah yes....who most pretty Royal person from past. Good question. Perhaps can suggest this glorious Chinese Empress Cixi. She very nice when young....indeedelly....also doodelly.

    * Hubba....also hubba.

    ** However....when get plenty comment.

    Source(s): Also: Soy source.....of course.
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    Very subjective question.

    Beauty is a personal thing.

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