Why did people want Hosni Mubarak to resign?

He was president for 30 years. Did his people want him out since he first became president or did he do something recently that upset his people and now they want him out?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Mubarak was not technically the first president of Egypt. The first president was Anwar El Sadat. The reason the people of Egypt wanted Mubarak out is because he is corrupt and has been rigging the elections for years. Egypt is technically a democracy but a democracy requires certain institutions and requirements to build a strong foundation. These institutions have never been able to solidify in Egypt, making the democracy only in name and not truly in practice. With Mubarak gone, it is possible that this institutions will finally be able to take shape and the elections in Egypt will finally be truly "fair and free." This, of course, depends on who the new leadership is that takes his place, but for the most part, Mubarak's resignation means a fresh start for Egypt.

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    Source(s): PhD in Political Science
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