Some questions about the 350z?

I'm pretty much set on the 350z. It looks like a great car. Anyway:

- Any specific defects with them? Or any specific problems with certain years? Most of the ones in my price range are '03s and '04s.

- What is under the flap just above the radio if the car doesn't have a navigation system? All of the pics on Autotrader have it closed. The only time they are opened is when it's has a nav system.

- How many miles should I consider to be too much? I'm not looking to spend more than 13k, so I have to suck it up and get something with a decent bit of mileage on it, but how much is too much?

- I know it's a sports car, but how much crap can you carry around in yours?

- Should I stay away from any Z with aftermarket parts on them, or should I just let the mechanic I get determine whether the parts will be ok?

- Do you like the interior? From the pictures it looks kind of bland...

Thanks in advance and anything else would be great. Oh, and I'm probably buying out of state so any tips on that would help, but that's not as important as the above.


Thanks. The user reviews were helpful. They were actually a lot more positive than I was thinking they would be, considering most people who take the time to review things are only doing it because they have something to complain about.

But I would really like my specific questions answered by someone. I have already looked up a lot and I only asked these on here so that I could ask specifically what I wanted answered.

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    i drive a g35 coupe and love it. they are essentially the same car as they share a platform and powertrain. however the g35 has a nicer interior with more room. but i looked at many 350z and they are good cars. i dont think you could go wrong on one as long as it had under 100k miles.

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    Two views about sports cars and touring cars. Sports cars 350Z with manual cloth seats 6 speed transmission and no navigation system extra seat air bags. Weight is the enemy of performance. Touring car? 6 air bags leather heated electric seats Navigation System and amenities of luxury cars Bose radio Hands free phone system and fancy Brembo braking systems? Many owners find a base model Z add the things they want and end up with a lighter faster car and order STOP-TECH braking systems suspension upgrades TEIN coil overs sway bars JWT clutch systems Stillen intake headers and exhaust. Some electronics Dynometer testing and tuning get right at 300 rear wheel horsepower. Under that dash lid is a place you can place small items. 350Z owners have many high quality aftermarket parts. Get on a Z car owners list join a Z car Club. Have fun.

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    Read the owner feedbacks at

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