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You guys think that Elton John could have filled Lennon's place in the Beatles when he passed?

Hmm? :)


Yes John Lennon is a God, But Elton I think is in the same ballpark.

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    Im a huge Elton John fan.He probably could have but, I don't think the remaining Beatles would have wanted anyone taking Lennon's place, any more than Elton John would have wanted to take his place.I know they were friends.The Beatles were great and had a lot going for them but, on the other hand Elton Johns huge also in his own right.Just think of all the hits Elton John has.He had a hit song in the top 40 from 1973 to 2002 straight every year! I don't think he, or the Beatles would have had it any other way.

  • tammo
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    No, John Lennon misplaced curiosity in operating with the leisure of the institution. So did George Harrison, honestly. I haven't any proposal what John noticed in Yoko, however I've certainly not blamed her for the holiday-up of The Beatles. They had been evolving as artists, they usually simply bought to a factor wherein they had been evolving past every different's pursuits. John insisted on having Yoko round and dealing together with her given that he noticed them as one unit, although that angry the leisure of the institution. After The Beatles had damaged up I feel it used to be Yoko who inspired John to patch matters up with Paul.

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    No,In fact according to George Harrison(in an interview you can see on the Special Features disk of The Beatles Anthology DVD),there was an agreement between the 4 Beatles that the only way it could be The Beatles is if,and only if,all 4 of them(John,Paul,George,and Ringo)were involved in it!

    They knew that what they had together was very unique and could never be duplicated again!

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    NONONO NO WAY. Lennon was one of a kind. No-one could ever replace him.

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