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Pain after TWO root canals on same tooth?

So, my daughter had a root canal when she was 12 yrs old on tooth #3 and I thought things were all taken care of. Well, the tooth got infected and we had to get a retreat done a couple years ago when she was 14. The dentist we went to after the root canal gave her a permanent filling, but not a crown because we were told the crown could cause her teeth to shift and mess up her bite. Well, the tooth is bothering her AGAIN and we just found out the permanent filling is cracked! Could this be the source of the pain? We are going back to the endodontist, but I would like a heads up on what the problem might be. We have had two different opinions from two different dentists over the past couple of days. One says the pain is from the cracked filling while the other dentist says that this is impossible because the nerves are removed during a root canal. Ugh! Which is is it? I would sure hate to see her have to get the tooth extracted at such a young age, so I hope we can figure out what is going on.....and hopefully there's an easy fix!


I was told only the filling is fractured, not the tooth.

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    Root canals are not simple, straightforward procedures. They are difficult and complex. An upper right molar typically has 4 canals, however, there can be more. There can be lateral canals. There can be a strange apex or apicies . An x-ray may help determine the problem. Is there a radiolucent or black area (where it should be white bone) at the tip of a root, or up high, in between the roots of the tooth? Even when done well, a radiolucency at the root tip might mean the root may need an apicoectomy (the tip of the tooth is cut off after the Endodontist makes a window in the bone and gets to the root tip from the side). And assuming the Endodontist will want to do an apicoectomy on a #3, as there is a lot of bone around there due to the Zygomatic Process of the skull. A radiolucency in between the roots will indicate that the tooth is fractured and this is not a good thing. In all likelihood the tooth would need to be extracted if a fracture is suspected.

    By the way, the problem is not if the filling is fractured. The question is did the tooth fracture?

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    ok its pain from the cracked filling cause the the filling is cracked so the tooth is bacteria in there which is causing the pain she needs to get it refilled

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