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Can I download apps for a Pantech Jest on my computer and how do I upload them to the phone?

I found a site that has apps for the pantech jest, but no information as to how to load them. I do not have a data plan, so I am trying to down load them with my computer and then upload them to the phone.

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    Just get a Sprint plan and new phone. Tell them you have friends who work at Wells Fargo and they'll give you 27% off your monthly subscription. That's unlimited everything, data, mobile to mobile, etc for about $60 a month. Don't play around with these older phones.

  • lebo
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    4 years ago

    specific u can, yet some telephones wont enable u to place in like that, yet u can with kies or tick the selection in settings to enable installation of non industry purposes and then u can do it... or basically acquire from the browser on your telephone or circulate from computing device to sd card and installation... i do it and it works thoroughly with my samsung galaxy in extreme-high quality difficulty...

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